• Party-list camp unfazed by Saguisag BBL rap


    BUHAY Party-list Rep. Lito Atienza on Tuesday said he welcomes the challenge posed by former senator Rene Saguisag’s filing of a complaint in the House ethics committee against him and fellow congressman Jonathan dela Cruz.

    “We have never been easily intimidated by court cases and complaints, especially when it comes to fighting for the truth, what is in accordance with the Constitution and what is good for the country,” Atienza said in a statement.

    The complaint stemmed from the case of treason and inciting to sedition that Atienza and dela Cruz together with former ambassador Jose Romero Jr. and lawyer Jeremy Gatdula filed with the Manila Prosecutor’s Office against the government peace panel that crafted the proposed Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL).

    Saguisag is the lawyer of the government peace panel.

    “It saddens me because Rene Saguisag is a good friend and he is also known as a patriotic Filipino. We fought together against the Marcos dictatorship. Even if we were imprisoned by the military, it did not deter us from fighting for democracy and the truth. What is unethical about protecting our sovereignty and territorial integrity? What is unethical about upholding our Constitution? I don’t understand what he meant about prosecutorial terrorism,” Atienza said.

    He pointed out that the peace panel gave in to all the demands of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, including having their own police force, their own budget of P75 billion and their own constitutional bodies such as Commission on Elections and Commission on Audit, among other questionable and unconstitutional provisions in the BBL.

    Atienza said there is nothing unethical about filing a complaint in court about the peace negotiations that he deemed to be unconstitutional and tantamount to a declaration of war against the government.

    “This BBL puts us in jeopardy and they threw it on our laps to tackle. We think that as lawmakers we should ensure that it will be constitutional. More so, we cannot rely on some of our fellow lawmakers who have seemingly changed their stand after meeting with the President in Malacañang. We are confident that the House leadership led by Speaker [Feliciano] Belmonte [Jr.] will not give this complaint any importance,” he added.


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    1. Trapo party lists out to score propaganda points by bashing BBL and peace advocates. Sadly they are getting what they want which is this free publicity for 2016.

    2. mr. atienza you are wasting everyone’s time and more importantly, the time of the Muslim people who are suffering because of your useless and baseless allegation, get your life straight

    3. Stop bashing the BBL for the sake of publicity. It’s been in the making for 17 years, and has been carefully drafted to be aligned with the constitution. Pass the BBL.

    4. Darling Lapreza on

      The bbl is the fruit of 17 yrs of negotiations . After the mamasapano tragedy and the months long delay in passing the law, the BBL was discussed once more and streamlined clarified so as to conform to the ph constitution . It is the right thing to do to pass it now.

    5. Charlie Lopez on

      Paulit-ulit nang pinaliwanag lahat yan. Pero kung nagbibibingibingihan ka, hindi mo talaga maririnig. The BBL’s contentious provisions have been addressed and the substitute bill constitutional.

    6. Krissy Cingco on

      The Advocates who drafted the BBL to align the interests of the Philippines and a neglected Muslim region also took pains to assure that it will be in congruence with 1987 constitution. Pass it sir madam.

    7. Well Mr. Atienza if what you said is true (We have never been easily intimidated by court cases and complaints, especially when it comes to fighting for the truth, what is in accordance with the Constitution and what is good for the country) then I hope you are ready to accept the fact that the BBL will happen and that you will find your place somewhere, having to pay for the petition you filed against it.

    8. Enough of the black propaganda against BBL. They are taking away the hopes of the Moros to have a peaceful and normal life free of conflict.

    9. vagoneto rieles on

      There is no issue more ‘earth-shaking’ to the country than the BBL. ARMM has, as it is, limited the access by non-Muslims to a big part of Mindanao, Sulu and Basilan. The BBL will not just limit this access but rather, totally exclude and alienate non-Muslim Filipinos from an area wider than that which the ARMM already has. The Philippines will have been ‘gutted’ as a consequence of this reckless, selfish and dangerous territorial concession to a block of Philippine residents who have always disavowed being Filipino in the first place.
      The least that President Aquino, Mmes. Quintos-Deles and Coronel-Ferrer should do is to level with the Filipino people, and say what really drives them to force this blatant betrayal down our throats… and to explain why they are not concerned about the people’s wrath after they are no longer perched high up the roost.