Partylist lawlessness are false patriots


Dear Sir:
It is so disappointing to know that some party list lawmakers like Neri Colmenares and Carlo Zarate are saying. On the issue of US troops being allowed greater access to Subic and Clark, these two lawmakers want PH to cut its ties with allies like the US and Japan, further saying allowing would mean national betrayal.

What they are blind to the fact that without our allies, China, who is pressing claims in our territory would easily devour us. Many Senators then did not see that without US presence in the PH, many invaders like China could just as easily take control, moreso that our country lacks firepower. Most of them were signatories in not extending the renewal of the RP-US Bases Agreement.

Colmenares and Zarate are false nationalists who are only building an image of themselves as true patriotic Filipinos but which they are not, obviously. It is a suggestion that these lawmakers concentrate instead on their work and to help their constituents and the nation as a whole by espousing bills and laws that will benefit the people. Their statements only make matters worse and confusing.

They should accept that without help from PH allies, our country is in peril from foreign invasion in the future, and one example is China who is already doing harm to us already.

Ms. Lorna G. Pereza
Mexico, Pampanga

NPA – Stop violence and armed struggle
Dear Sir:
In a modern and civilized society the use of violence is shunned. Violence occupies the realm of all that is evil, vicious and loathsome. But violence has been the path chosen by our local communists. They live and nurtured themselves in violence. The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP), has urged all units of its armed wing, the New People’s Army to launch more frequent attacks against government troops. They exhibited this when the attacked a group of 99 police personnel jogging along a highway in Mt. Province.

The new recruits were unarmed, wanting to serve their country after their training, and most of them were from simple families and the only breadwinners of their loved ones. Nine of the policemen were wounded and one was killed when NPAs positioned themselves waiting for and staged the early morning ambush.

NPAs now espouse violence for so long and which is no longer acceptable in the present times. The use of violence cannot solve any country’s problems much more involve killings, ambushes and attacks towards those in authority, and to civilians which they do. NPAs are living in obsolete times, when barbarity was the order of the day. Their call for more attacks should be answered with calls to “No to armed struggle”, a call by majority of peace-loving Filipinos, a growing movement against the use of violence and arms in Philippine society.

Manuel B Casamonte, Sr.
Bocawcan Rd., Pines City (Baguio)

China executes Filipina today
Then justice is done if indeed the Filipina woman who brought in 5 kilograms of heroin into China is finally executed by lethal injection. Imagine how many hundreds of thousands of Chinese will be victims of that 5 kilograms of heroin if it was not detected by Chinese authorities while in transit. As a Filipino I do not believed that the Filipina is innocent as charged. I also honestly believed that even if the woman happened to be an American or British, the Chinese will not changed the judgment of death by lethal injection, considering the volume of heroin involve.
Jose B. Taganahan

I am not Superman, but I will rebuild Manila – Erap

We have heard this every time a new set of leadership comes in. Sounds good and perfect . it is like playing golf , well planned but, lets wait for the execution and result. I hope it will not be like the lyrics of the song . . . ”its still the same old story, a fight for love and glory, a case of do or die . . . etc”
Emmanuel Torres

The e-book revolution is upon us
I am an avid reader and book collector; (especially First Editions and signed by the authors) in fact I have a library at home. But believe it or not, I also have an eReader a Sony, which is always in my bag so I have something to read whenever I’m stuck, like waiting at Doctor’s surgery or in a restaurant and a kindle apps in my Samsung tablet. I am glad to know that we can buy Kindle here in the Phils. now, coz my husband’s is not very good. I just told my husband about “Paperwhite” so he is waiting for it to be on sale here. Thanks for the lovely article.


Chinese media warns of ‘counterstrike’ in disputed sea

My grandparents left Amoy, China long before the Second World War and settled in Tongkil Island. My Muslim grandma Pitlah Manalbang was married there. It’s a shame for the Chinese government to claim what is part of the Philippines, just because the sound of South China Sea as named in the mapping of the region. That doesn’t mean that the aforementioned sea necessarily a part of China itself. With the turn of events how the current Chinese administration is trying to grab those shoals/island that even (defies) the United Nation charter, every nation has a 200-mile exclusively international water zoning. And the barbaric Chinese are displaying their ignorance to the world. What a shame…You wanted to follow the footstep of the Jews.

Go Kao Say


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