Former senator Ferdinand Marcos Jr. on Monday brought his “Pasasalamat Tour” to Mandaluyong City (Metro Manila) where he thanked City Hall officials led by Mayor Menchie Abalos, her husband and former Mandaluyong City Mayor Benhur Abalos, father-in-law and former Commission on Elections Chairman Benjamin Abalos and city residents for their overwhelming support to his vice presidential bid in the May elections.

Marcos won by more than 27,000 votes in Mandaluyong City over his closest rival.

He vowed to continue his public service, saying it is the only way he could repay the tremendous trust and confidence the people have been giving him.

“For a public servant like me, there is no greater honor than being able to give hope to the people and repay them for their trust in me. I thank you all. Rest assured that I will continue to serve you, my dear countrymen,” Marcos said in Filipino.

The former senator is going around the country to personally thank those who helped him during the recent elections.


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  1. ferdinand naboye on

    the yellow team still insist but try once in your life to recall who really did many good things to the country and who just pretend to be leading the country. objectively compare the past presidents accomplish and study who really has a vision for the country. does abnoy has that vision.


    the oligarchs now plundering the blood sweat and tears of the majority of the Filipinos are afraid of hin–even now– that they also fear his son.

    if BBM in is power, they are afraid the y would lose a little of their wealth to the poor.

    nevertheless, if THE LORD shall be merciful to the Philippines, no amount of power or money can prevent BBM from sitting to his rightful seat –the VICE PRESIDENCY

  3. Matino na Pinoy on

    Ferdinand Marcos Jr. is planning something “BIG”, maybe to shoot for the presidency, that is why he is going around the country, thanking people for their support. However, this will not be enough, to include his popularity, to convince the Filipino people, that he is sincere in serving them . Martial Law will always haunt him as long as he live, and it is already imbedded in the history of the country, that Ferdinand E. Marcos was the worst dictator in the world and he plundered the wealth of Filipinos, during his reign. There are still so many cases against Marcos estate pending at the Supreme Court that need adjudication but Marcos’ lawyers are still fighting not to give up these tons of money and properties that were illegally acquired, once belonged to the Filipino people.