• ‘Pass BBL now or count body bags’

    LASTING PEACE, SOMEDAY  Women leaders together with chief government peace negotiator Miriam Coronel-Ferrer release doves – the universal symbol of peace – after gathering for a peace walk at the Quezon Memorial Circle on Friday, the first anniversary of the signing of the peace agreement between the Phiippine government and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front. Inset are the convenors of the BBL review: Cardinal Antonio Tagle, retired chief justice Hilario Davide Jr. and Jaime Augusto Zobel.  PHOTO BY MIKE DE JUAN

    Women leaders together with chief government peace negotiator Miriam Coronel-Ferrer release doves – the universal symbol of peace – after gathering for a peace walk at the Quezon Memorial Circle on Friday, the first anniversary of the signing of the peace agreement between the Phiippine government and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front. Inset are the convenors of the BBL review: Cardinal Antonio Tagle, retired chief justice Hilario Davide Jr. and Jaime Augusto Zobel.

    President Benigno Aquino 3rd called on lawmakers to pass a bill endorsing a peace agreement signed exactly a year ago on Friday between the Philippine government and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), warning them they would otherwise start counting
    “body bags.”

    Aquino had wanted the proposed Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL), which would give autonomy to the majority Catholic nation’s Muslim minority in southern Mindanao, passed this month. But Congress suspended debates on the proposed law in the face of public outrage over the killings of 44 members of the police Special Action Force in an anti-terror mission in January in Mamasapano town in Maguindanao.

    The police raid sought to capture or kill two men on the US government’s list of The police raid sought to capture or kill two men on the US government’s list of “most wanted terrorists” who were living among Muslim rebels.

    One of the men, Malaysian Zulkifli bin Hir, alias Marwan, who had a $5-million bounty on his head, was reported killed. But the other suspected terrorist, Abdul Basit Usman, escaped as rebels surrounded and killed the SAF troops.

    “This is the crossroads we face. We take pains to forge peace today, or we count body bags tomorrow,” Aquino said in a nationwide television address.

    “Perhaps it is easy for you to push for all-out war,” he added, hitting out at critics who have condemned the peace deal with the MILF.

    “But if the conflict grows, the number of Filipinos shooting at other Filipinos will grow, and it would not be out of the question that a friend or loved one be one of the people who will end up inside a body bag.”

    The President in his speech on Friday called for a national peace summit among “citizen leaders” and designated Manila Archbishop Antonio Cardinal Tagle, retired Chief Justice Hilario Davide Jr. and business tycoon Jaime Augusto Zobel de Ayala as “independent convenors.”

    Also named to lead the summit are former Ambassador to the Vatican Howard Dee and Bai Rohaniza Sumndad-Usman, founder of Teach Peace, Build Peace Movement.

    The council of leaders was particularly told to “dissect the proposed [BBL] in a calm and reasonable manner.”

    Davide is the father of Aquino’s key political ally in the Visayas, Cebu Gov. Hilario “Junjun” Davide Jr.

    The President had designated the elder Davide as chairman of the Truth Commission that was to investigate allegedly large-scale corruption during the Arroyo administration in the first executive order he signed in his first day in office on June 30, 2010.

    Deposed President Joseph Estrada immediately criticized Davide’s appointment and called for investigation of his apparently inconsistent use of court funds during his tenure as Chief Justice.

    The truth body, however, failed to take off after its constitutionality was assailed in the Supreme Court.

    Dee, meanwhile, is the father-in-law of Aquino’s younger sister, Viel.

    He was a former government peace negotiator who in 1998 rallied businessmen and civil society to form “Tabang Mindanaw” to help the people in the region recover from devastation wrought by the El Niño phenomenon.

    “They will gather other responsible and respected leaders to spearhead a National Peace Summit to deliberate on and discuss the BBL,” Aquino said. “They will dissect the proposed law in a calm and reasonable manner that will not incite anger and hopelessness. This way, the BBL can be improved,” he added.

    The President said the peace summit will come up with “a report that will be made public, so that everyone may be informed, and so that more of our countrymen may understand the matter.”

    “In this manner, we will be able to advance a reasonable decision as regards the Bangsamoro Basic Law,” Aquino added.

    The President called the BBL as one of the most important proposed bills of his administration.

    “It answers the two most pressing problems of our countrymen: poverty and violence,” Aquino said.

    He warned that it would be difficult to restart peace talks if the current process failed and the MILF leadership lost its influence among its members to more radical elements.

    “If the proposed bill is lacking, it can be addressed by pushing through with the debates on it,” Aquino said in his national television address.

    “I do not pursue peace just to add to my legacy. What we are pursuing is a genuine peace that truly addresses the roots of the problems that led to violence.”

    Sen. Joseph Victor Ejercito, meanwhile, has predicted a grim future for the BBL Ejercito also on Friday reiterated his earlier statements that he does not trust the MILF anymore because of what happened to the SAF commandos in Mamasapano.

    “I don’t think the BBL would get through Congress. Even without the law, we’ve seen how abusive was the MILF, what more if we’ll have a law granting them vast powers. They can’t be trusted,” the senator told reporters during the108th founding anniversary of San Juan City (Metro Manila).

    Ejercito was an original co-author of the Senate version of the proposed BBL. He withdrew his signature after the Mamasapano incident.

    The senator scored members of the government peace panel for giving more importance to the feelings of the MILF rather than giving focus to the death of the elite police troops.

    “This government is more concerned with the MILF than giving justice to the slain SAF commandos,” Ejercito said.

    “The government has not expressed commitment to pursue justice for the policemen.
    They’re even blaming the SAF for the incident,” the senator added, reiterating that there could be no peace without justice.

    Ejercito also lambasted President Benigno Aquino 3rd for his gross incompetence and for avoiding responsibility in the Mamasapano debacle.

    “As Commander-in-Chief, he [Aquino] should have taken responsibility. He should apologize [for his shortcomings in the botched police operation],” the senator said.
    “The problem is, the President is stubborn and too proud,” Ejercito added.

    With Neil A. Alcober


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    1. Why make mountains out of mole hill stop discussing BBL or stop negotiating, the Philippine gov’t. has more power if the leader is strong. But since the president is maybe indebted to Malaysia, since he is afraid of body bags, let him compose the committee to review all the provisions consistent to the constitution and rightful safeguard for all people of different faiths not only for the island of Mindanao but include all pilipinos as they are part of the country. Let the president chose people of general concern of the country protecting the rights of all Filipinos. Since the President already sold his soul to MILF Malaysia, it is suggested to include the following for better mutual advantage as follows: the honorables; Fidel Ramos; Joseph Estrada; Miriam D. Santiago; Christian Monsod; Juaquin Bernas; Rafael Alunan III; Rodrigo Duterte that’s enough to consider men of integrity then approval of the people in a plebiscite that’s fair enough and all will be happily at peace forever.

    2. he as a president & as a cmdr in chief shoul not tell that phrase. Logically he is telling to his soldiers that they Don’t have a capacity in fighting the MILF since they are the frontliner and always facing the rebels. I’m pity to our soldiers inspite of being honest to their cmdr in chief in return theyvare bullied by their own cmdr in chief.

    3. anthony facunla on

      I have been trying to be neutral but more of like siding with pnoy. This time however, I don’t like this statement. It is almost a threat much like the statements from the other side. And such a statement coming from our president. I no longer support pnoy. I also do not support bbl.

    4. it seems that they area threatening the lawmakers with that “pass the bbl or count the body bags”, though its true…it should have not stated that way as it really create negative implications to the readers. (if they really want support from the public)

    5. Since the BBL is not a guarantee for peace, as they themselves confirmed, where-the-F is this statement from BS Aquino coming from? You don’t pass the BBL, you count body bags. You pass the BBL, you count body bags. I would rather count body bags without the BBL. at least we don’t fund the terrorists to kill our soldiers, and save Malaysia some money.

      • What kind of President he is? threatening the Filipino people if the BBL will not be approved in Congress? He is the first coward President in history that we have in our country. He is the only arrogant, incompetent and gullible President been elected. He should remember that when he took his oath of office as President it follows that he will do and faithfully follow the mandate to protect and defend the constitution of the Republic of the Philippines. It runs in his family background of being Filipino traitors for their own self advantage and interest.

    6. pilipinomatatag on

      Im sure Senator Cayetano knows the plan of the Americans, I could say he is even part of the planners, he is indeed CIA, he is not Filipino because his mother is American. With the help of his CIA masters he can use BBL as his ladder for 2016. Same with what he did to Mike Arroyo. He is part of th

      No to US dictatorship in the Philippines. No to Cayetano in 2016!!!.

    7. what a coward!!!! a damn coward!!!! how i wished that the pnoy can be impeached for cowardness and if found guilty be made up to stand against the wall and face a firing squad. how can a commander in chief be such a coward and yet expect his armed forces to be the complete opposite? what a moron. i am almost sure that he wetted his pants when he was told by the mnlf to pass the bbl or start counting body bags.

    8. His words are commensurate to the statement of someone trying to bully the whole country as from a thug. Did the MILF gave him assurance of perpetual protection from culpability and criminal prosecution ? He sounds alien to his people, as not to show regrets for his shortcomings and glaring frailties, so he would not utter the words , “”SORRY” to people he had aggrieved. So disappointing.

      • Elpidio Trinidad on

        Sorry to say this is the same person at the aftermath of the Luneta massacre! No sign of somberness, he even manages to smile like a nutcase which is, he is truly is.

    9. Have mercy on us oh Lord.
      Our country is run by a psychotic
      leader in cahoots with servile
      congress and senate.

    10. Philippines has Laws that people must abide, BBL is no longer needed.
      If they can’t abide by the Philippine Law, i suggest they leave the country

    11. apolonio reyes on

      Maybe Pres. BSA III have not read the MILF MAMASAPANO REPORT given to their Malaysian benefactor cc GPH. The report, as per Iqbal, blamed GPH particularly PNP SAF conducting a police operation in their area without coordination with the MILF resulting in the death of 44 SAF, 18 MILF and 5 civilians. Iqbal said that the lone SAF survivor should be charge of Murder.
      In the first place BSA III, who ordered the Oplan Exodus, was it not CC BSA III and executed by your BFF Suspended CPNP Alan Purisima? MILF claimed the GPH broke the peace talk agreement and concurred by not less than GPH Teresita Deles and Mirriam Coronel Ferrer. Why will BSA III now blackmail Congress ” Pass BBL or Count More Body Bags “. IF BSA III was the one who broke the CAB, let him count the body bags.
      To paraphrase our national hero, Sen. Benigno S. Aquino, Jr. ” It is better to die and put inside a BODY BAG with straight knees than inside with a bended knees “.
      NO TO BBL……..

    12. kakaiba talaga itong pangulo natin. napaka-unpresidential talaga kumilos at magsalita.
      talagang pinagpipilitan ang BBL kaya gustung gusto siyang kausap ng MILF, madaling utuin.

    13. I don’t like to read their BBL, the way I don’t like to read their quran…when will be the treason case filed against Aquino by Adaza started?

    14. William Cartledge on

      If the president can talk like this, why doesnt he come clean and tell the senate inquiery all that he knows . If he is so hell bent on passing this law without ammendments, why doesnt he address the farmers and the murder of them over the Hacienda Luisita issue. I am sure you are a nice guy outside of politics,but you, as the president of the republic of the Philippines, are not worthy to hold office.History will be your judge sir , and it will be harsh.

    15. This psychotic is now threatening us with this BBL manure….. after all that happened he is still pursuing to have this pact approved…… now hear this you LUNATIC, DESPOTIC, IDIOT, MONGOLOID, AUTISTIC, ABNORMAL, INSANE, DEMENTED type of a person…….. your words have no more value as if you’re a dead-brained zombie…… you should be incarcerated in a mental institution already by this time……

      • agree with you. our defense forces are ready to die for a just cause. we have to maintain one country, one government, one law, one armed forces, one national mental hospital.

    16. No way! We don’t have the nerve to understand PNoy anymore. Enough is enough of his “kasinungalingan.” He is oozing with too much pride to apologize to the nation due to the irreversible blunders he had committed from day one of his administration until now. Every time he commits serious mistakes, he always resort to his usual blaming game. And poor Gloria Arroyo, his former Professor of Economics at Ateneo de Manila, is always at the receiving end. Does this mean that PNoy just wanted to get even with his former Economics Professor Gloria Arroyo-Macapagal, because Gloria had been scolding him for his mediocrity in class standing? His depressive vindictiveness is perhaps borne out of deep-seated hatred. Meanwhile, let’s cross our fingers and see what will happen next..

    17. Having spend billions in military upgrades , the republic is in panic. Pass the BBL now.
      Better burn all arm procurements if we are just in panic. The MILF is coming to Manila !!!

      • ernesto albay on

        what the goverment do is like NIGERIA finished them off….SIMPLE they have no right to claim their own TERRITORY but to COHABIT with the rest of the CITIZENS of this country.

    18. Pinagsisisihan ni Pres. Aquino ang mga nangyaring pagkamatay ng mga SAF troopers dahil ayon sa kanya siya ay tao lamang, kung kaya mas makabubuti para sa kanya na huwag nang mag endorso para matuloy ang Bangsamoro Basic Law dahil sa TAO na naman siya, ito ang pangalawang pinakamalaking pagkakamali niyang desisyon na ibulid ang Mindanao at sa bandang huli ang buong Pilipinas sa kumunoy ng trahedya dahil hindi pagkakaisa ang hangad ng mga rebeldeng Muslim kundi ang sumuporta lamang sa kanilang relihiyon na Islam, ipaliwanag nga ibig sabihin ng “”Moro Islamic Liberation Front” kung nababanggit ang mga Kristiyano sa Kapayapaan? ?? Binalak nga ni Marwan na tamnan ng bomba o IED and lugar sa Mindanao na maraming Kristiyano, di ba? ? ? Baka magkamali na naman si Noynoy at sino na naman ang kanyang sisisihin? ? ?Naging effective spokesman si Noynoy ng mga Muslim rebels, sa salita niya na may himig pananakot at pagbabanta, pag di naipasa ang BBL, maraming buhay ang mawawala at ipapaloob sa “bodybags”. . . Please Mr. President, do some soul- searching. Sa sinabi mo, ipasa o di- ipasa may gulong mangyayari, therefore no choice pala mga mambabatas natin. . .Gano’n ba? ? ?

    19. BS Cojuangco Aquino III, is the real life manifestation of his forebears, for him to come out with such a cynical statement, of passing the BBL with the appalling warning of counting body bags.

      To frame his thoughts, he is telling Filipinos that he has given up the fight for sovereignty and now he is willing to feed the Filipinos to the dogs – dogs of war!

      BS Cojuangco Aquino III, does not only possess the quality of being an idiot, he is altogether the model of a tyrant and a traitor, because he does nothing to defend our nation from threat, but only to blackmail the citizenry of certain death.

      And, in all these he together with Deles, Ferrer and Rosales are willing accomplishes of Murad, Iqbal and Jaafar, to rage the nation to the grounds, all for their share of personal glory. Philippines should be reminded of those great words spoken by Roosevelt in front of the Joint Session of Senate – ‘a date which will live in infamy’.

      It is therefore with full resolve that the senate should make a stand and do what is conscionably right to fight off these enemies of the state.

    20. Ok now we have seen it all. The MILF regularly makes threats of total war if they do not get their way. Now Aquino is using the same threats. “Body bags”? What a sorrowful president we have. Now the two parties in the agreements are threatening all out war with body bags if the BBL is not passed. The biggest threat to peace has always been the MILF. Now we can clearly see Aquino on their side. The MILF does not represent anyone. The people of Mindanao are against the BBL. Junk the BBL and all other agreements made with the MILF. Never again negotiate with terrorists. Disarm and disband the MILF and all armed gangs.

    21. HULA HULA

      PNoy claim that BOI Report & Senate Report was “Hula-Hula” (guessing). Despite the fact clearly stating PNoy was Ultimately Responsible for Clash in Mamasapano, after extensive investigation, research and inquiry or interrogation conducted by Senate & PNP. Due to Executive Privilage, PNoy avoided or refused participation in both. PNoy also fail to question/mention MILF’s report which was badly written & very poor as compare to PNP & Senate report.

      Leaders needs to be transparent, talk about and openly acknowledge failures by saying sorry or apologies. In order for us & all future Leaders to learn from his mistakes and avoid doing the same thing again. It act as catalyst for innovation or improvement that may catapult us from a 3rd world to Great Nation.

      “Nobody is Perfect”, we all makes mistakes including the President. But for PNoy, he will never learn to say sorry/apologies (Pride), recognize his shortcomings, acknowledge (admit) his blunders, and talk about his the many failures or mistakes he makes/commits.

      So when PNoy can’t meet his goals & objectives – PNoy tendency is to always play the blame game or scapegoat again and again….

      Hopefully PNoy finds more liberating approach towards being a True Leader and fulfill his promise to serve & protect our people.


    22. It’s time to move on, accdg to the Speaker and from all cohorts of this adm, Filipinos must remember the names of those who has received the DAP , who only knows how to promote their personal interest minus the welfare of others.

    23. not so fast Me. president, no blackmailing. The BBL is not the only way to peace, Remember that!

    24. Crisostomo Ibarra on

      I don’t get it. Why is the president equating peace in Mindanao with the BBL? I firmly believe that peace in Mindanao can be achieve even without the BBL.

      The BBL process that their pushing is unconstitutional. They are trying to sneak this bill under our noses. They want to legitimize this by pressing congress to pass this bill, so they can manipulate the elections in the autonomous Mindanao.

      According to Miriam Santiago, the results of the deliberation in congress, will be subject to a plebiscite participated only by the people in the autonomous Mindanao not the entire country. This is contrary to the constitution.

      The world is full of men who want to be right, when actually the secret of a man’s strength and his pathway to true honor is his ability to admit fault when he has failed. If he stubbornly refuses to repent or admit he was wrong, their confidence in him and in his leadership erodes.

      Drop it!!!! House bill 4994 is a futile waste of government resources and is detrimental to the entire country.

    25. 60+ days since President BS Aquino abandoned and betrayed the SAF commandos at Mamasapano result Fallen 44 and went home in a body bag in order to save the BBL.Still no justice for our Fallen 44.

    26. Venerando Desales on

      What will the peace summit achieve? Will their recommendations supplant the power of Congress to create automous regions? Or, are we having a treaty with the MILF in the light of their threat to appeal to an apt international body? Has the MILF achieved belligerency status under international law? These are legal and constitutional issues which are within the competence of the Supreme Court to resolve.

    27. do not blame my beloved p-noy! he is a majority president! blame all those people that voted for him! just imagine, we (not me!)voted for a man that do not even have a family, we, d majority voted for p-noy, because his mon pass away, do not forget that!

    28. Maybe the President meant ,he will be the first one in those body bags if BBL is not approved. What a tactless comment , very selfish, arrogant and unbecoming statement coming from a Commander-in Chief which clearly shows he doesn’t have respect for the soldiers (SAF) who died to save our democracy

    29. Majority of the Filipinos would like peace to prevail in our country. But this peace agreement with the MILF should be reviewed and studied to insure that its contents is not one sided and does not favor the MILF group, by all means, lets all go for it.

    30. “Start counting body bags”. Is the President scaring us? Majority of us do not want war. I have not heard of any group seriously pushing for an all out war. In fact it is the President who keeps on repeating that phrase. What we, Mindanaoans, want is a deep review of the BBL. After the Mamasapano incident why can’t the President and MILF understand that further discussions would be needed.

      While talking peace the MILF is strengthening itself how much more if you give them the initial 75billion. Do you believe this 75 billion will go to building schools, houses, roads and hospitals? No, most of it will go to the purchase of more guns and artelirries.
      Our armed forces should also be strengthened but what happened to the helicopter and APC contracts, whew!

      First of all why can’t just the MILF register as a political party ( anyway we have hundreds of political parties in our country, whew again) and participate in the political process. Do we really need a BBL? What we need is to develop the area of our Muslim brothers. Educate them that we can coexist with them peacefully. How can we do this? The government should be sincere in putting up economic projects in that area. The government must find Muslim and Christian people who together would implement these projects without thinking of putting the money in their own pockets. If the MILF can be trusted then give them to the MILF but don’t let them form their own government, their own police. Philippines is too small to be divided.

      Why keep on blaming Marcos. Malaysia is laughing at us.

      Mr. President we don’t want all out war but please strengthened our armed forces. We Christians don’t have arms to defend ourselves. You even make it more difficult for us to carry our guns.

      Yes I agree with you Mr. President that BBL will bring peace in Mindanao but it is going to be a short term peace. Even in Cagayan de Oro, in their compound they raised their own flag- we have only one flag Mr. President and that is the flag of the Republic of the Philippines.

    31. Mga BOSS, kasubuan nalang ipass nyo na ang BBL please! Hindi kuna pwedeng iatras….. ganun talaga ang ugali ko……. BSA3rd..hehehe

    32. Panawagan sa lahat mamayang pilipino, sino man sa ating manbabatas boboto o ipasa ang BBL tandaan po natin ang pangalan kung sino man sila mga taksil sa bayan walang iniisip kung anf sariling kapakanan, isipin po natin pag-nangyari yan mauulit ang kasaysayan sa Sabah mapupunta ang buong mindanao sa Malaysia at hihiwalay ng tuluyan sa pilipinas.

    33. Sorry po in advance! But this is the only words that can come up in my mind: STUPID! STUPID!! STUPID!!! PLEASE LANG to the other media entities, STOP patronizing this nuerotic pres. Please check his background when he was still in high school or even college. In our language PARANG NASAPIAN NA YAN!!! Has anybody read the text message he sent his sister the night he said he did not collapse, I am refering to the SMS about “kung ang lahat ng mga tao dito ay konyo”, How old is this person that until now the jokes that he is reading and appreciates it are that of high school jokes. So you can see the level of his mentality.

    34. It seems they are saying do what we want or you will regret it. Well that doesnt sound to good to me. I wonder later after being given this extra freedom ( describe it how you will ) what then if they want more, will they then say dont do it & you will be counting body bags. I know my response to them,, live under our rules or you will be counting more body bags.

    35. chthonic monster on

      so be it, let’s count the body bags of the terrorists savage barbarians MILFs!

    36. Might as well “throw the towel” at Spratley, Kalayaan group of islands. Better yet, amend the constitution and remove the clause, “sovereign nation.”

    37. “Pass BBL or count body bags” is this from the rebels spokesman???
      OH, my mistake! I’m not in America where they don’t NEGOTIATE with “terrorist”.

    38. Carlo L. Adan on

      Buang-buang gayod kining presidenting gigama sa Snartnatic-PCOS machine.

      Loko-loko talaga itong presidenteng ginawa ng Smartmatic-PCOS machine.

      Some weeks ago he in effect told the congressmen: “Any BBL law version will do. Just pass it.” This seemed to also be the sense of Mohagher Iqbal, though not of Murad.

      Then the other day that idiot and slime-ball Jaafar was The Manila Times P1 headline with his photo threatening us that a WATERED-DOWN VERSION OF BBL will cause MILF to go to war!

      Now what is this lunatc PCOS-produced president saying? Pass the BBL that was written by the MILF rebels and which he and his treasonous peace-process people amended a little bit and he then brought personally to the House of Reps to cajole the conmgressmen into passing it soonest.

      So he now agrees with Jaafar! He now wishes our Congress to pass the BBL that will give Malaysia, the vanguard using its trained advance invasion force, Jaafar;s, Muyrad’s and Iqbal’s MILF, a second Philippine territory (the first is Sabah!) in MIndanao.

      These Malaysian Muslims in the MILF are achieving what the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is finding it hard to achieve in the MIddle East.

      God have mercy on us Filipinos!

    39. The Senate report has said it but it is worth repeating — it was irresponsiblity when Deles, Ferrer and government panel excluded the inputs (their thoughts, their suggestions, their concerns) from the MNLF, the lumads, the business- and university sectors of Maguindanao, Basilan, Cotabato, Zamboanga and all of Mindanao. This alone can lead to body bags — just think BaBaLA will null and make nonsense the peace treaty between gobyerno-Pilipinas and MNLF. But MILF has not been able to work with MNLF and other Muslim groups of Mindanao. Napakalaking pagkakamali. MILF can not bring peace to Mindanao. Gobyerno-Pilipinas should reject baBaLA House Bill as it is written.

    40. To quote JFK, one “should never negotiate out of fear. ” But that is exactly what Pnoy is doing by forcing the passage of the BBL because “we would be counting body bags” if BBL is not passed. A small group of armed Muslims such as the MILF should not be holding the Filipino people hostage under the threat of violence in Mindanao.

    41. start counting bodybags?

      Mr. President WE ARE ALREADY COUNTING YOUR BODYBAGS! ,since you started as President 10,000 at least were dead because of your incompetence!

    42. The more we need to junk forever BBL. There should not be a separate Muslim nation within the Philippines territory and sovereignty.

      Junk BBL.

    43. Pnoy wants the BBL passED as his peace process achievement without thinking the ramifications of the law. If passed, it will be a triumphant basis of the MILF to eventually secede and put up an independent MUSLIM Islamic State of Maguindanao. MILF is not representative of all Maguindanao or MINDANAO inhabitants and tribes. MILF uses scary tactics of armed rebellion if BBL is not passed which is in line with Pnoy’s endorsement that “body bags” will flow out of control. Pnoy has no ooballs to face up to the MILF who are extorting peace out of the barrel of a gun. Pnoy is not only a coward but will be liable for treason for selling the soverehignty of the country to fanatic muslims who does not respect the government and the authorities like ambushing and massacre of the 44 valiant SAF forces. Pnoy may possibly be benefitting for its passage by conspiring with Malaysian group to divi up the gas and oil finds in the Maguindanao shelf.

    44. What a “defeatist” and incompetent leader we have! Eveyone wants peace, but not a “half-baked” peace; nor peace by ‘a-pease-ment’; and, not by ‘piece-meal’. We need a ‘comprehensive and long-lasting peace.

      While BBL is one of the most important proposed bills of this administration, it is also among the “worst”

    45. President Aquino said things correctly when he was quoted that the current BBL as written can be improved. Correct! Correct that more work is needed, time is needed to review and dissect the BBL. The Ba-BaLA was written by Iqbal submitted for consideration to Kongreso Pilipinas and the BaBaLA before Kongreso Pilipinas very serious flaws. First is BaBALA’s stipulation that gobyerno-PIlipinas police and army has to get approval from the MILF before gobyerno-Pilipinas PNP can do arrests or other operations. And why is it written in BaBALA that the next administration and all future administrations must give a Cabinet-level position will be given to MILF?
      Please remember that the MILF has a very poor cadre of leaders. Murad/Jaffar and their commanders have disrespected lumads. Murad/Jaffar can not even work together with other Muslim groups and tribes in Maguindanao, Basilan and other areas. Mahinang klase sina Murad at Jaffar.