• Pass ‘sincerity bills,’ Santiago dares presidentiables


    SENATOR Miriam Santiago on Friday called on those who have declared their intention to run for president in 2016 to prove their sincerity by pushing for the passage of bills that prohibit early campaigning, political dynasties and credit grabbing on public works.
    Santiago, who is on medical leave, said the three important bills are languishing in the committee level and has not been acted upon by the concerned Senate panel.
    She was referring to Senate Bill No. 54 or the Anti-Signage of Public Works Bill, SB 55 and SB 1580 or the Anti-Political Dynasty Bills and SB 2445 or the Anti-Premature Campaigning Bill.
    SB 54, or the anti-epal bill, was referred to the Committee on Civil Service and Government Reorganization chaired by Senator Antonio Trillanes 4th. 
    The bill seeks to prohibit public officials from affixing their names or photos on signage announcing a planned, ongoing, or finished public works project. It will also prohibit signage crediting a public official for any government project.
    The Anti-Political Dynasty bills referred to the Committee on Electoral Reforms and People’s Organization chaired by Senator Aquilino Pimentel 3rd will prohibit relatives from running for public office at the same time, within the same province, city, or municipality, or from occupying at the same time national positions such as those in the House of Representatives and the Senate.
     “The Constitution regards political dynasties as evil, but the battle against such evil must now be led by the Congress, many of whose members suffer from a conflict of interest on the subject of political dynasties,” Santiago said.
    The Anti-Premature Campaigning Bill authored by Santiago bars candidates and even prospective candidates from campaigning or partisan activities a year before the elections.
    “The prohibition against premature campaigning will level the playing field for candidates, to equalize the situation between the popular or rich candidate, on one hand, and lesser-known or poorer candidates, on the other,” Santiago said.
      The feisty senator said voters can test the sincerity of lawmakers by asking about their positions on the three measures which she called “sincerity bills”
    “Self-interest naturally ensures that politicians who will be adversely affected by any of these laws will actively campaign and even vote against it. But if these early presidential contenders mean what they say in media, they must lobby for these bills,” Santiago said.
    Jefferson Antiporda


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    1. Rolano Nolasco on

      Am sure Binays will have to oppose this move that even him and his daughter Sen. Nancy justified their entire family are all in power as if they are the only qualified to run.