• Passionate Pacquiao eyes comeback


    pakyaw20160715GENERAL SANTOS: Filipino boxing hero Manny Pacquiao has declared he still has the passion for the sport and may come out of retirement, although there are no plans for a fight this year.

    Pacquiao, 37, a newly elected senator in the Philippines, told AFP on Wednesday night that his top priority was his political career but that his love for boxing had not diminished.

    “When you put your passion and your dedication in one sport, you cannot say you’re leaving that sport if your passion is there,” Pacquiao said in an interview in his hometown of General Santos.

    “Boxing is always my passion and I grew up (as a boxer). The Lord helped me (make) a name in boxing history.”

    Pacquiao added he was still physically fit to return to the ring.

    “I am still strong. I am still young,” he said.

    Pacquiao’s promoter, Bob Arum, said on Tuesday that the eight-division world champion planned to fight on either October 29 or November 5 as a main event bout in Las Vegas.

    But while leaving open the option of a comeback, Pacquiao said he had not made such plans nor discussed arrangements with Arum.

    Pacquiao retired after winning a unanimous decision in April against American Timothy Bradley.

    He said he wanted to hang up his gloves to focus on his political career. After serving two terms as a congressman in the House of Representatives, Pacquiao was elected to the Senate in May.

    Pacquiao has previously said he eventually wants to become president.

    Yet, after being a senator for just two weeks, Pacquiao wants to win a new title in the ring—a fighting lawmaker.

    “The first time in history that a senator is still fighting in the ring. That’s a legacy,” he said.

    But after being criticized for rarely turning up to Congress, Pacquiao emphasized he was committed to his duties as a senator.

    “What is on my mind right now is to bring good service to the people,” he added.



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    1. Mr. Guerrero perhaps you better swap positions with Sen. Pacquiao. You sound dignified and patriotic enough I just thought we filipinos need somebody as opinionated as you are to stand before those Chinese intruders and make mockery of what Sen Trillanes and Pinoy’s act re those deals. Better yet, change allegiance and vote in America, I’m sure you’ll have good company outda where I’m pretty sure you’ll have your hands full stopping the Trump.juggernaut.

    2. Most useless representative ever and going for the title of most useless senator ever.

      • fyi kahit absent si manny meron naman siyang ginagawa. legislator naman si manny na mag render ng duty diyan sa batasan. hindi niya kailangan mag field para tulongan ang mahihirap na palagi niyang na promised sa tv. useless naman talaga ang mga congressman ever since pa. si manny ang pinaka means niya na matulongan ang mga mahihirap aside fulling from his own pocket is through legislation address to the needs of these people.but alam natin na if you pass a bill subject pa ito ng matagal na debate sa congress. ang daming matalino diyan sa congress na si manny sigoro medyo hessitant makipag debate. action gusto ni manny agad pero our laws wont allow that. kaya action in the ring nalang gusto ni manny. kahit sa senate limited parin ang effect ni manny. hintayin natin ma president si manny para ma continue niya ang mga programa ni duterte. kaya kontra ako sa statement mo na useless si manny. intindihin mo mona ang sitwasyon ni manny. gets?

      • I understand he is a good man and doesn’t have a problem using his own money to help the poor but he could do that without becoming a senator.

        Pacquiao accomplished little in his role as a house rep, rarely even attending.
        If he chooses to become a politician he should do the job to the best of his ability and that includes showing up for sessions to cast votes.

    3. Rodan Guerrero on

      I was expecting that the graduation of Ex-Senator Lito Lapid will end the era of electing unfit Senators of this Republic. But the election of Manny Pacquiao put the Senate into a more severe situation. How can an elementary under-graduate perform as a lawmaker? He made a full mockery of the lower house and now again doing the same in the upper chamber? Are Filipinos really not aware of putting unfits to key government elective positions do so much damage to the Republic? What happened in the past 6 yrs having a STUPID PRESIDENT? Our country can never move on because we tolerate the abuses of the unfits. I hope Mr. Manny Pacquiao will be able to read this comment and I encourage him to stand in front of a mirror and ask himself if he deserves to be called a Senator of this country.

      • rodan guerrero wag mo naman insultuhin si manny. elected siya sa majority ng tao dito sa pilipinas. ang ginawa mo ay para naman pag insulto sa lahat ng bomoto sa kanya. fyi guerrero may mas magaling pa sayo interms of education and physical strength diyan sa mga bomoboto kay manny. ikaw ano ba nagawa mo sa bayan natin kong sa tingin mo magaling kapa kay manny. para ikaw nalang ma upo sa pwesto ni manny. wala diba. sa pamilya mo nga sigoro hindi ka kanais nais na example. yong tax mo nga sigoro sa locality mo hindi mo pinag babayaran ng maayos. kaya wag mo insultohin ang mga bomoboto sa kanya dahil ang dami nila na kayang kang labanan sa talino o sa physical na aspeto. ibahin mo si manny kay lito lapid dahil mag kaiba ang desire nila na makatolong. meron nga diyan ngayon sa senado sobra ang talino pero protector naman ng mga shabu. meron diyan naka upo ngayon bagong elect at yong iba pabalik balik na sa senado pero pumopunta dito sa amin bumibisita sa mga malalaking sindikato personality dito sa amin. alam na alam yan sa mga taga rito sa amin. yon ba ang mga tipong politoko na gusto mo guerrero?