• Pay raise for Cebu village workers


    CEBU CITY: The Cebu City Council has passed a resolution seeking to increase the city government’s monthly honorarium to some village workers to P10,000.

    The resolution was authored by Cebu City Councilors Eugenio Gabuya and Lea Japson.

    Among those covered are barangay (village) health workers, city nutrition scholars, tanods, members of the lupon tagapamayapa (pacification committees), day care workers, environmental officers, garbage loaders, drivers and gender and development officers.

    “There is a need to increase the city’s monthly honorarium to the barangay workers to augment their income because of the soaring prices of today’s basic commodities,” the resolution stated.

    Barangay health workers and city nutrition scholars currently receive a monthly honorarium of P5,500, while tanods and lupon tagapamayapa members get P4,000.

    Day care workers get P6,000, while environmental officers, garbage loaders and drivers and gender and development officers get P5,000.

    The amount is the city’s counterpart to what the barangay gives them.

    Earlier, Mayor Michael Rama of Cebu City announced his plan to raise the honorarium of these barangay workers as a reward for their service.

    The increase will be included in the annual budget next year, and will take effect after the appropriation is approved.



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