Pay raise for govt workers paltry – lawmakers


LAWMAKERS have lambasted the government’s proposed salary raise for public servants, particularly public school teachers, calling it “inconsiderate” and “negligible.”

Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano described as meager the recommended increase by P2,205 or 12 percent of the P18,549 at present for entry-level position of teachers over four years.

This means, he said, teachers will receive an annual increase of a little more than P500, which, Cayetano added, is the lowest in recent history.

Instead of repairing the government’s “erroneous” compensation scheme for teachers, who are among the lowest paid government professionals, according to salary laws, the proposed salary increase only reinforces a “flawed system,” the senator said.

Independent vice presidential candidate Sen. Ferdinand Marcos Jr. earlier expressed his support for changes in the proposed Salary Standardization Law IV or SSL IV to make pay hike rate for all public servants more equitable.

“There is no dispute over the need to grant our public servants additional pay. What troubles me is the huge disparity in the rate increases for the rank-and-file compared to [those for]high-ranking officials,” Marcos said.

He noted that while the proposal grants 12 percent pay hike to entry-level teachers over four years, it provides heftier increase to the salary of legislators, Cabinet members, the Vice President and the President at 150 percent.

“It gives more to those who are already getting huge salaries and less to those who are really in need of a bigger pay, the ordinary government workers,” Marcos said.

If Salary Grade 1 employees will receive an average increase of P500 annually for four years, according to the senator, lawmakers or those under Salary Grade 30 who are getting P78, 946 per month will get an increase of P96, 238 or P24, 059 per year.

It is even bigger for the President, who will get a pay raise of P268, 096 or P67, 024 per year.


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  1. As members of the senate, they could have corrected the disparity they are pointing out now. Why wait for the SSL IV to become a law before pointing out these flaws? Grandstanding maybe?

    Further, I can’t recall a bill sponsored by them to raise salaries of government employees, even during the past administration. For now, how many times did this administration raised salaries of employees?

  2. Because abnoy is the President and nobody can resist him. His party is the majority at the congress and at the senate., so what BBM and cayetano will do. Nothing…

  3. As father of two daughters –Both teachers –I an tell you that teachers work long and hard–Have to up with a lot..They a rededicated to their profession ..Often giving much of there free time …Plus at the same time doing many courses ,and seminars to enable to keep abreast with modem ideas and programs..At the same time they try to study for advanced degrees and post grad quantification..They do this in their own time,at their own cost,,The very fact that you can read write etc–Is due to a teacher .
    Relive me they earn every penny that they get…If we want to keep good teachers..We need to give them a decant wage –“If you pay peanuts-You get monkeys”

    David M Meyer {PhD psych}

  4. Amado P Salvador on

    It is a very valid observations expressed by the 2 distinguished senators (Sen Marcos & Sen Cayetano). Both are members of the Senate and being as such both could have filed a Bill to address their concern on the salary level disparity they are claiming. Question is have they done so?

    • Both Marcos and Cayetano are on the Napoles list as having given their pork barrel allocations to Napoles, Marcos for kickbacks, Cayetano for campaign funds.

      Those hundreds of millions just from those 2 alone could have gone to the education budget never mind the other 19 senators and hundreds of members of the house who gave Napoles billions.

      If congress didn’t steal billions that money could of been used in the education budget instead of buying more 300 million peso houses for the pork barrel thieves.