The PBA and the NCAA


Last Tuesday, I joined the Bedan family in installing the President Fidel V. Ramos Resource Center in Mendiola by so naming a facility after him. He’s 86 but he still jumped on stage as he did in Edsa’86. After the Abbot Lopez Hall program I had meant to ask him if like his Edsa partner, Manong Johnny, Manang Ming also keeps a scorecard the way JPE’s Manang Cristina did; she had said her hubby had had 38 girl friends. Is FVR close? Never got to ask the question as I had to skip the St. Maur ribbon-cutting to rush elsewhere to make boundary. Working class, he, he.

Yup, but in the end I could not decide whose place it was to answer, Manong Eddie or Manang Ming? Who would have kept score?

I scored Manny Pacquiao last Sunday. There should be a PBA rule that no rookie 35 years old – josme! – would again harm its name. But, here, you have billions, you are a man of respect. In the first few minutes of the PBA opening last Sunday. Manny nagkalat. Michael Jordan starred in the NBA, moved to the ChiSox in the American League and bombed. Accepting his limitations, he returned to the NBA and again starred.

The PBA has become an institution, like the House. Manny has disgraced both, along with showbiz. Now Jojobama wants him in 2016 in the Senate! Where I once toiled, no Top Absentee should soil. Manong Ernie Maceda and I attended ALL sessions in 1987-92.

Predictably Manny did not attempt and make any shot, turned over the ball twice, and virtually did nothing in his few minutes that would be highlight stuff. In the first turnover, he passed the ball to a foe; I doubt if he really knows who his teammates/wards are. Often absent. But, bilyonaryo so who cares that there must be a million players in our playgrounds, beginning with our Barangay Palanan, pick-up players who would not disgrace the PBA? Walang datong, that’s why. But, billions blind.

In the US, I cannot imagine Floyd Mayweather coaching and playing in the NBA, respected worldwide. The NBA does not have owners whose primary object is commercial promotion. They have respect for the fans, disrespected here by the PBA. Big-time.

I care for the PBA, given the Crispa-Toyota thrillers in the 70’s when we were renting in Pasay. A maid was crazy over Pridi Wib (Freddie Webb) who attended San Beda Grade School. Traitor, who moved to Letran. How well I remember the Munich Olympics starring Freddie and Yoyong Martires.

In 1989, Compañero Rudy Salud honored me by asking me to make the ceremonial toss on PBA opening day. Rudy, if my info is true, had also attended San Beda, for his first year or so of law; honor roll, recalled a classmate who looked like Dean Pepe Sundiang, the reason I returned to teach in San Beda Law; then, as Dean of Arellano Law, Pepe again persuaded me to teach there, Arellano, walking distance from Sandejas and Palanan; in between, I see young players with moves one may not see in an ancient Manny Pacquiao, a virtual basketball relic. But no datong, so the PBA would not care about them.

I regret to have to prefer the NBA, which does not disrespect the game nor the fans.

Since San Beda and Arellano are schools I teach law in, all I can say is not that I love Arellano less but that I love San Beda more. We Bedans are champs again in the NC (ho-hum, so, what else is new?) at Arellano’s expense In the same manner that not that I love Jojobama or Joe Pemberton less but that I love the rule of law more.

Congress and police stationhouses are two places where the Bill of Rights is not respected, I believe. Congressional hearings often dismay. There where we may see bullying, big-time. We have a right not to speak, save in Congress or a police stationhouse, which has contacts with batang klab attorneys, who agree to come in and sign as counsel, coming from a beerhouse, tipsy. Congressional inquisitors could be Torquemadas and we have yet to have a report on what humiliating hearings have resulted in legislation. Congress should moderate. Hearings, I grant, could benefit the public but not at the expense of basic human rights. Moderation.

In films, I get the sense that in the US, once one invokes the Fifth, his right not to speak is honored, unless immunity is effectively arranged. Here, one’s appearance and “cooperation,” coerced, are misused as the tool of his own condemnation. So, in my humble view, no justification to summon Jojobama sa Lupon ng Lasong Bughaw. But, he must give his side of the story, somehow, somewhere, in the Senate or elsewhere.

And a complainant should delight if a respondent does not appear in a preliminary investigation. That means case filed, and in this case a seemingly sure conviction. So we can now think of the penalty for Pfc Pemberton, which, as Judge Masipa reminded us in convicting Oscar Pictorious last Tuesday, must take into account the principle of equivalence or proportionality. What penalty may fit the offense? Was there passion or obfuscation? Was there cruelty? What is the background of Pemberton? The victim’s? Thou Shalt Not Kill is paramount however.

Of victim Laude, was he/she a maiden violated in the violet time in the vilest possible way by a Marine with a girl-in-every-port mindset who landed with raging or rampaging hormones, expected to be quieted by romance via a one-night stand? Then, tragedy. What’s this thing about condoms? And whiteys saying our women are Little Brown F_____g Machines?

My stand on EDCA is that it has to go through the constitutional process of ratification by the Senate, under Sec. 21 of Art. VII of the Constitution, and not the act of PNoy and the Defense Secretary alone. Was civilian DFA Sec. del Rosario kept out of the loop?

If my apos, eldest six, are to find themselves in a shooting war — there’s that risk of winning — allied with the U.S., versus China, the process should be more transparent and democratic. Was the Council of State involved? Were former Presidents, namely, FVR and Erap? (I agree with Susan Roces that GMA stole the presidency, not once, but twice; Gary Teves extols her economic gains which I question, given Joc-Joc Bolante, Vicky Toh, Neri, Abalos, ZTE, etc. and if Gary were right – as he often is – nothing wrong anyway with PNoy building another floor anyway). Gary’s illustrious father, Meniong, as Congressman, voted to impeach Chief Justice Davide in 2003. Meniong is now a nonagenarian; how could his group of 77 who voted to oust CJ Corona be labeled “brat pack?”


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  1. I agree, That Manny has indeed soiled the credibility of two institutions, namely Legislature and the PBA.

    I have nothing against Pacquiao but his blatant disregard for serving his congressional sit is a waste of public money and trust, He is a public official voted by his constituents but all he does is make it seem like a part time job.

    His gross negligence for public policy and the rule of law, clearly as a public official he should act as one and not venture into other businesses but instead he chose to neglect his service, to fulfill his other obligations, such as in showbiz, in sports.

    He has disgraced the Congress, and disrespected its rules and must be punished and not immortalized as a hero, Even if he did give honor as a boxer, HE IS A PUBLIC OFFICIAL NOW, his Billion Net Worth doesn’t give him the right to trample on the rules of congress and its credibility.

    He must quit his public office, and give the sit to a more deserving public servant who will serve the will of the constituents. Or be punished in a disciplinary hearing and expelled for non fulfillment of his public oath of office.

    A billionaire is not excused from the law. No one is excused by it.
    The Constitution prohibits Public Officials from venturing in to other business that would undermine his line of duty. The bad thing instead of prioritizing his public office, he prioritizes his self interests, Accepting every boxing match, every commercial offer, his showbiz and so called singing career, and now basketball? but what is more unforgiving is that he almost committed TREASON by considering to train the Chinese Boxers, without even considering the turmoil of our country with China, He is a boxer first, but HE IS A PUBLIC OFFICIAL NOW, A MEMBER OF PHILIPPINE CONGRESS, He should embody the ideals of National patrimony, and choose the philippine athletes, and public interests over the chinese and his own personal interest,

  2. mr saguisag, since you are makati resident and former senator, what do u think about allegation of corruption with your friend Binay. How come he was appointed as OIC of makati? Dont you think Aurora Pijuan Manotoc should be oic of makati since she was the only opposition in makati who fought yabut for mayoralty race in Makati, Who is Binay godfather who whispered to cory aquino/

  3. Madami talagang nai-inggit ky Manny Pacquiao. At least si Manny hindi magnanakaw. Kung si BS Aquino at si Binay may karapatan mag presidente at vice president, si Manny lalong may karapatan na mag laro sa PBA.

  4. As an aside Sir,
    Mayweather,Jr. when he first retired accepted a million US$ to take on
    “The Big Show” in WWE, where he was tossed around and out of the ring.
    Not too far off from Pacman’s PBA debut.

  5. Julio M. Domingo on

    Atty. Rene Saquisag, you made my day again. I just enjoy reading your column when it concerns Honorable Congressman Pacquiao’s “activities” outside boxing.