PCSO chief resigns

Margarita Juico

Margarita Juico

Dirty politics has claimed another victim.

A close family friend of the President and an ever-loyal Aquino loyalist, PCSO Chairperson Margarita P. Juico, handed her irrevocable letter of resignation yesterday to Executive Secretary Paquito “Jojo” Ochoa Jr. in Malacañang. It takes effect immediately, a Manila Times source in the Palace said.

Ochoa suggested that her resignation be effective at the end of the month, but Juico would not budge. She was apparently tired of being the subject of intrigues and dirty politics within the Palace. She could not wait to leave her post.

The Executive Secretary said the President had promised the PCSO chairmanship to former Imus Mayor and Congressman Ireneo (Ayong) Maliksi sometime ago. Rumors of Maliksi taking over Juico’s post started to circulate when the former mayor and congressman personally announced during his birthday celebration in Imus some months ago that he was taking over the PCSO.

But even before that, rumors have been circulating in and out of Malacañang that a group close to DILG Secretary Mar Roxas has been coveting Juico’s post. In one instance, President BS Aquino 3rd admonished Juico for not cooperating with Roxas.

The Secretary had obviously complained to the President that Juico was withholding the documents on Bingo Milyonaryo and other games from him.

According to Juico, she could not give Roxas the requested documents because it was not Roxas who had asked for them but someone who claimed he was representing the DILG Secretary. And when Juico tried to call Roxas on his mobile to verify the request, the Secretary wouldn’t answer her calls.

She was summoned to the Palace and was given a dressing down by the President about this. According to a reliable source, the President said, “Roxas is my alter ego, you disrespect him, you disrespect me.” No amount of explanation would soothe Aquino’s anger. Obviously he had been told a different story.

As early as then, Juico had wanted to resign from her post.

In July 2010 or just a few weeks after Aquino’s inauguration as President, he offered the PCSO Chairmanship to Juico. Juico initially declined the offer and said that she would be happy with just being a member of the Board. The President insisted and said, “It’s your time, Margie.”

Juico who served as Appointments Secretary for the late President Cory Aquino had continued to work for the Aquino family even long after the President’s term ended in 1992. Juico stood by Cory throughout all her remaining years on earth as her friend, confidant and co-worker. There were reports that Cory on her deathbed had asked Juico to “take care of Noynoy.”

Juico’s resignation came as a shock even to the members of the President’s family.

Juico is among the first, if not the very first, direct casualty of the politics of convenience. The President sacrificed her to make way for a member of the Liberal Party who is a political nemesis of the Revilla clan in Cavite.

It is clear that the President is using the two powerful clans of Maliksi and Remulla against the Revillas. The two families have banded together to obliterate the Revillas in Cavite politics. And that makes the Maliksis and Remullas valuable allies of the President. The PCSO chairmanship is a reward for Maliksi for joining the President in his fight against Sen. Bong Revilla.

All these developments point to the 2016 presidential elections. With the Revillas out of the political equation in Cavite, the Liberal Party’s presumptive standard-bearer, DILG Secretary Mar Roxas, will have an easier time winning in Cavite Province.

Cavite has the most number of voters among all the Philippine provinces. It has 7 congressional districts.

With Marge Juico’s resignation will soon come another.

Joseph P. Juico, former Quezon City Councilor who now works in the office of the Executive Secretary, will likely follow suit. He is expected to resign as well over the maltreatment his mother had received from no less than the President and his allies, more particularly Mar Roxas and the other Liberal Party heavyweights.

Another factor that must have contributed to the President’s displeasure with Juico is that her spouse, Philip, who is currently the President of Wack Wack Golf and Country Club, is suspected of not having used his position to keep Roxas from being suspended for figuring in an ugly incident. Roxas abused Club employees, cursing them because they were insisting that he obey the rules and pay green fees for his guests at the exclusive club. The club punished Roxas with a two-month suspension of membership privileges.

During her term at the PCSO, Marge Juico brought it closer to the people. She opened satellite clinics in the Lung Center of the Philippines and in the provinces. She undertook several reform programs that saved the Charity organization millions of pesos.

One of these reforms was the cancellation of the paper supply contract for the Lotto that was grossly disadvantageous to the government.


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  1. Ireneo M. Panopio on

    No appointive position is for keeps….many lucrative positions are pambayad utang na loob…at may papalit, at may papalit ulit (during the term of the benefactor). Alam na nila what to do during each term!

  2. Luto Man Bai on

    Kung sino man ang uupo sa PCSO, sana maayos na yung issue ng Pacific Online at PGMC, the 2 lotto providers in Luzon. Yung Pacific Online ay provider ng VisMin at yung PGMC naman sa Luzon. OK naman yung ganyang set-up, pero nung umupo si Mrs. Juico, pinasok nya sa Luzon yung Pacific Online. So nagkaroon ng dalawang lotto providers ngayon sa Luzon. The regular lotto bettors know this for sure. Ang pangit lang sa dalawang providers, if you are a holder of a PGMC lotto ticket, you cannot claim your prize or have your lotto ticket checked at a Pacific Online outlet, and vice versa. Tapos, the tickets are dissimilar in many ways. Yung isa malabo ang print, manipis so madaling malukot, at malaki than the other (at ayaw ng mananaya kasi baka daw magusot or matupi pag tinago nila sa wallet nila). In short, ayaw ng karamihan yung Pacific Online. So kung ikaw ay agent or kung meron kang lotto outlet provided by Pacific Online, aayawan ka ng tao. Kawawa ka dahil wala kang benta. Eh, ang kita sa lotto ay porsyento lang, at maliit lang naman. Yung sistema dati ay maayos naman, nagkagulo lang ng ganyan dahil kay Mrs. Juico. Although she has her reasons for bringing in Pacific Online in Luzon. But she failed to consider other aspects, such as legal (ang contrata ng PGMC ay until 2015 as the sole provider of lotto sa Luzon); at yung service being provided by Pacific Online. If you don’t believe all these, punta kayo sa isang Pacific Online na outlet, at tanungin nyo ang bantay tungkol sa serbisyo. And most likely the reply would be: laging offline, manipis ang papel, laging may network problem. I hope na yung uupo na bagong chairman ay maayos ang problema na to. Sana ibalik sa dati na iisa lang ang lotto provider sa Luzon, at isa din sa VisMin. Same as the old set-up.

  3. The papers secretary Roxas asked for has something to do with Stl ownership by former allies of GMA. Ms. Juico has prolonged the tenure of Stl by extending it every time it’s license to operate is near expiry. Rumors abound why this is so

  4. I don’t see any big deal, one goes and one comes in… it’s not rocket science to run such institution, former mayor or congressman and even juan de la cruz can run it… the full mandate is all written out and only requires execution… if juan de la cruz can understand plain english (which is basically the medium of business language) then so be it…we can’t judge a man what he can do until you have given him a chance what he has to do… everyone thinks that one has to be a brilliant in order to execute well laid out plans, position like this, you don’t act alone. One brains goes, but plenty of those are staying behind, if one has to work with these brains, then nothing could go wrong… cheers

  5. daniel marahomsar on

    they will never succeed in the upcoming election…kikinig kasi sa tsismis!…

  6. Ma. Elena Locsin on

    It’s about time someone takes a step to go against the president’s so called “friends” who does not only destroy his image but also show his weakness. Kudos to you Madam Juico.

  7. Rey Mendoza on

    TRUST Maliksi to plunder the PCSO dry in time for the 2016 elections.

  8. Antonio Javier Belzunce on

    In the recent corruption exposures we are currently going through with the Government, the Congress, media, COA and the whole community must hold Malacañang accountable for any new appointments it makes especially for highly responsible position like PCSO Chairperson. It must be responsible and accountable that every and any candidates are scrutinized to be truly qualified for the position they are being appointed to. What is the professional corporate experience of former Imus Mayor and Congressman Ireneo (Ayong) Maliksi. Just because he is an ex Mayor and Congressman does not qualify him heading a responsible multi billion operation. It is this lack of scrutiny that allows corruption to thrive in governance in the Philippines. Appointments for political maneuvering is not a responsible action by Malacañang.

    What is the former Imus Mayor and Congressman Ireneo (Ayong) Maliksi past achievements that qualifies him as candidate for the head of PCSO. It must be envisage that such a position would need a candidate with experienced corporate background and proven board management skills. With the former mayor and congressman personally announced during his birthday celebration in Imus some months ago that he was taking over the PCSO shows his lack of professionalism for such a high position. Boasting such an appointment prior to being announce shows his lack of responsible credibility.

  9. Good move , resigning graciously is an honorable thing to do, to preserve ones principles and integrity.

  10. Manuel Aya Esteves on

    A very good and convincing story but we need the side of PNOY and Sec.Roxas so that we can finally analyze the issue and then the said issue should be filed in court if possible.

  11. Gerald Abueva on

    Dear Desk Editor,

    Just a minor correction:

    Based on Comelec’s 2013 data, which is available in Comelec’s website, Cavite is not the most vote-rich province. The top 5 vote-rich provinces in terms of registered voters are as follows:

    2.508 million registered voters ==> Cebu
    1.789 million registered voters ==> Cavite
    1.651 million registered voters ==> Pangasinan
    1.574 million registered voters ==> Negros Occidental
    1.524 million registered voters ==> Laguna


  12. Nogy BelAir on

    Losing loyal true and an efficient friend is not good for the President. Just having one is a blessing.
    that’s why politics is the dirtiest of them all.

  13. This is how bad the Politics in The Philippines. Its a business rather than a public service.

  14. This is how politics Philippines. Its a busines rather than a public service.

  15. With all due respect, I have to ask how you reached the rather incredible conclusion that the Maliksi and Remulla clans are cooperating in anything at all; I’ve lived in Cavite for the better part of nine years, and it seems that revelation would come as surprising news to everyone here. Particularly since Gov. Remulla recruited Bong Revilla’s son as a running mate for the specific purpose of defeating (which he did, in overwhelming fashion) the son of Aquino/Maliksi favorite Ping Lacson for Vice Governor.

    Your analysis that Ayong Maliksi’s move to the PCSO has something to do with trying to secure Cavite for the LP is very likely correct, but it is a little more of a desperate move than you might realize, I can assure you.