PCSO decries claims of fielding staff to regions


THE Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) on Thursday described as “malicious and baseless” allegations that certain employees of the agency were reassigned to provincial areas out of personal bias or prejudice.

PCSO issued the clarification to shed light on the implementation of its Rationalization Plan (Ratplan) under Executive Order (EO) 366, promulgated in 2004, that provides guidelines to be followed by government agencies in the implementation of their rationalization plans.

Among the objectives of a Ratplan, according to EO 366, are to improve “the quality and efficiency of government services delivery by eliminating/minimizing overlaps and duplication, and [improve]agency performance through the rationalization of service delivery and support systems, and organization structure and staffing.”

According to PCSO, all personnel assignments implemented by the agency were in connection with its Rationalization Plan (Ratplan) that was 15 years in the making during previous administrations.

It was not until April this year that the Ratplan was approved in its final form by the Governance Commission for GOCCs (GCG) after nearly two years of careful and thorough consideration.

The GCG directed PCSO to implement the Ratplan within two months of GCG’s approval.

PCSO then implemented the Ratplan in three phases to minimize its impact upon the employees, strictly observing Civil Service Commission (CSC) and other applicable rules and regulations pertaining to qualification standards and civil service eligibilities.

Two phases have been conducted so far. In the first phase, employees were placed in equivalent or comparable positions. If there were no corresponding positions in the rationalization plan, employees were placed in the next lower positions.

PCSO exerted all efforts to find positions in its offices nationwide for employees who would otherwise have been displaced under the first phase of screening. Such employees willingly accepted reassignment to provincial branches in order to remain in the PCSO’s service.

During the second phase, qualified employees were placed in higher positions in line with applicable CSC rules on promotion.

PCSO complied fully with the procedures under EO 366 and its implementing rules and regulations, under the guidance of the CSC.

Unfortunately, PCSO employees who were displaced lacked the necessary qualifications under the law. PCSO was not remiss in assisting employees to secure qualifications, even sponsoring a civil service exam review the other year for over 300 takers, of whom only four passed.

The majority of employees are satisfied with the outcome of implementation of the Ratplan’s first two phases so far, with all placements approved by the PCSO’s Board of Directors.


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