• PCSO does not remit to the President’s Social Fund


    In Mr. Paolo Romero’s article “Independent lawmakers want Noy’s power over ‘pork’ clipped” which was published in the September 30, 2013 issue of The Philippine Star, Leyte Rep. Martin Romualdez was supposed to have stated that “…some of the lump sums are “off the book,” or beyond the scrutiny of Congress, like those coming from the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corp., the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office, and the Motor Vehicle User’s Fund, amounting to a total of about P17 billion which Aquino can spend anyway he wants.”

    The PCSO does not and has never released any amount to the President’s Social Fund.

    The revenues generated by the PCSO in all its gaming activities are allocated and distributed strictly in accordance with the PCSO’s legal mandate: fifty-five percent (55%) to the prize fund, thirty percent (30%) to the charity fund and fifteen percent (15%) to the operating fund.

    Under the present stewardship of the PCSO, all disbursements of revenues are made strictly in accordance with pertinent laws and their implementing guidelines, rules and regulations. More importantly, President Aquino never even tried to influence and never influences the PCSO Board in the allocation and distribution of the PCSO’s corporate funds. In fact, the President’s only directive for the PCSO Board is to equitably distribute PCSO resources and extend immediate and adequate assistance to those who deserve and need it most.

    The PCSO would like to assure the public that it stays true to its commitment to extend assistance as directed by laws and does not tolerate any disbursements which do not conform to existing government rules and regulations.

    Margarita P. Juico


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