PCSO to help security guard’s sick child


THE Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) has vowed to shoulder the medical expenses of the child of the security guard who holed himself up in a room in a mall in Quezon City on Wednesday.

Hermigildo Marsula Jr., of the Grandiose Security and Services Corp., was drunk when he caused panic at Eton Centris mall. Reports said he was driven to desperation because he had no money for his sick child who needs to undergo surgery.

PCSO General Manager Alexander Balutan on Thursday said he directed his staff to coordinate with the Quezon City Police District (QCPD) to find out how the agency can help the child.

“The PCSO is always ready to help Filipinos, whether they are rich or poor, we are always ready to help them,” Balutan said.

Balutan said every Filipino in need should not hesitate to seek PCSO assistance to avoid what happened to Marsula.

“The PCSO is one with the government in fulfilling the dream of President Rodrigo Duterte that no one will die due to sickness because they don’t have money to pay for hospitalization,” Balutan said.

PCSO Chairman Jose Jorge Corpuz assured the family of Marsula that the agency will help pay the cost of the child’s operation.

“That is our mandate, to assist in the medical and financial needs of Filipinos whether they are security guards or any Juan dela Cruz,” Corpuz said. “As I always say, the agency does not choose who to help, everyone is welcome here. That is the real mandate of the agency, to help those in need,” Balutan said.

“We have 57 PCSO branches in different parts of the country, you can submit the required documents to the nearest branch for us to give you financial assistance,” he added.


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