• PCSO still processes requests of patients


    “There is no truth to the rumors that the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office [PCSO] is not processing requests from patients. We hope that the public will not be misled by such misinformation. We assure everyone that PCSO is still accepting such requests under its usual procedures.”

    So assured PCSO General Manager Jose Ferdinand Rojas 2nd as he belied claims that the agency has stopped processing guarantee letters for medical assistance and similar requests.

    Guarantee letters (GLs) are a promissory note of sorts issued by PCSO to hospitals and other healthcare providers such as dialysis centers assuring them of payment of approved patient bills and obligations.

    PCSO Charity Sector Assistant General Manager Larry Cedro said, “In order to assure the judicious and prudent spending of PCSO’s charity fund, we are subjecting requests to careful scrutiny to weed out spurious and fraudulent claims, which were prevalent during the previous PCSO administration.”

    Cedro emphasized the need for requests to be accompanied by required documentation under PCSO policies and Commission and Audit rules and regulations: “Requests without complete and original documents cannot be processed. The medical abstract, treatment protocol, and prescriptions must be signed by the attending physician with her or his license number, while hospital bills must be signed by the cashier or collection officer.”

    Under Cedro’s management of the Charity Sector, the PCSO received earlier this year an “excellent” rating from the Anti-Red Tape Act (ARTA) program of the Civil Service Commission that evaluates the quality and efficiency of delivery of government’s front-line services to the public.

    “PCSO will always be here for those who need a helping hand,” said Rojas, “in fulfillment of our mandate to provide assistance under President Benigno Aquino 3rd’s policies on universal healthcare for Filipinos.”


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    1. Yes, I was able to avail of the PCSO Guarantee Letter for the chemo theraphy of my wife last Oct. 23, 2013 here in Tacloban City for one session. My wife has a stage 3A breast cancer and has to to undergo 8 chemo sessions and a month long radiation which is available in Cebu and Manila. I am really very thankful to the management of PCSO for the medical assistance they have provided to us and hope they could extend to us the succeeding chemo theraphies as we cnnot afford the cost of treatment. Once again, thanks to the PCSO staff and personnel.