PCSO STL – a game for charity



With the expansion of PCSO Small Town Lottery or STL, PCSO has earned the ire of some sectors and emphasized that such a game is only a front of jueteng or illegal numbers game.

PCSO Chairman Jose Jorge Corpuz and General Manager Alexander Balutan once again reiterated that the PCSO STL was conceptualized to help in the campaign of the government to curtail unregulated gambling and democratize charity at the national and local levels.

PCSO is the principal government agency mandated to generate and to provide funds for charity, health programs and to help in the nation building projects of the government. PCSO, therefore, is authorized to undertake any activity that will increase the profit of the agency for the purpose of providing and allocating sources of funds for health programs, medical assistance and services and charitable services of the agency.

Games such as STL and Lotto are legal number games developed to entertain and at the same time, increase the revenue of PCSO to fund the various health programs of the government.

Through the years, PCSO has helped millions of Filipinos through its charity services such as its flagship Charity Program the Individual Medical Assistance Program (IMAP), Medicine and Medical Equipment Donation, Calamity Assistance Program, Ambulance Donation, Milk Feeding Program among others.

The PCSO assures the public that its games – STL, Lotto, Keno and Sweepstakes – are conducted with utmost integrity to maintain its credibility and at the same time, are here to stay as long as the Filipino people are willing to play the PCSO games for public good.


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