• PCSO’s Bingo Milyonaryo jueteng Lords’ front?


    Almost a hundred small town lottery (STL) agents from around the country are set to file a protest before the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) for allowing the “Bingo Milyonaryo” lottery game in the market even though it directly competes with its own STL lottery which, operators believe, will eventually kill the already established small town lottery.

    A highly reliable source within the PCSO told this columnist that the STL agents, particularly from Luzon, want an explanation from no less than PCSO Chairwoman Margarita Juico for giving Bingo Milyonaryo franchises to certain individuals or corporations.

    The source said the same group has informed Juico that jueteng lords are using the new lottery game as a front for their illegal gambling operations.

    Nueva Vizcaya Rep. Carlos Padilla and Gov. Ruth Padilla earlier confirmed that jueteng operators in the province are using the Bingo Milyonaryo as front for the illegal numbers game operations. A certain “Savelyano” in Bayombong town is reportedly one of those who uses the new lottery game as front for his jueteng operations.

    Reports reaching officials said the lottery game does not have betting stations unlike the STL. A “kubrador” or collector goes from one house to another collecting bets and jots it down in a small piece of paper instead of inputting it the numbers on a computer or machine issued by the PCSO.

    The Padilla couple wants Bingo Milyonaryo suspended in their province and for the House of Representatives or the Senate to look deeper into the issue.

    A certain “C. Reyes” of Batangas, who is reported to be a jueteng lord in the area, is said to be the inventor of the Bingo Milyonaryo game and owns the company that oversees the technical operations of the lottery game.

    The same source claims that a relative of one of the ranking officials of the agency lobbied for the game to be included in the series of lottery games of PCSO.

    Juico has assured all stakeholders that the Bingo Milyonaryo is still in the experimental stage and might be discontinued if it “continues to have very low revenues compared to STL”.

    Juico said if Bingo Milyonaryo is being used as front by some “jueteng” operators, it is the job of the police to go after these people and not the PCSO.

    Local cops to go after gambling lords? Hahaha!

    * * *

    MRT one useless piece of scrap!

    At least ten commuters of the Metro Rail Transit (MRT) were injured on Wednesday afternoon after one of its trains made a sudden brake for unknown reason.

    This is the nth time that a MRT train conked out this year and the first where passengers were injured due to technical problems.

    The most common excuses MRT officials give to the public whenever their train stalls are power outage, breakdown in signalling system, and technical problems in ticketing system.

    MRT commuters have already expressed their frustration and disgust regarding the state of this so-called mass transport, yet nothing has been done to fix the problem and “its even getting worse”, according to one commuter group.

    I wonder if Transportation Secretary Jun Abaya is hearing all these complaints? Or he just doesn’t want to listen?



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    1. In response to STL issue- The PCSO Chairman stated in your column that the Bingo Milyonaryo is still on the “experimental” stage? Ilang years na po nag ooperate ang Bingo Milyonaryo sa Nueva Vizcaya-experimental stage pa rin? Are there initial results of the experiment?
      Additionaly, she mentioned that “if the revenue is too low compared to STL said Bingo Milyonaryo might be discontinued”? Di lang naman po REVENUES ang pinaguusapan dito- the REAL issue is that Bingo Milyonaryo is allegedly being used as front for JUETENG-the PCSO should investigate the matter-if proven-outright the Bingo Milyonaryo sgould be suspended or discontinued.Hindi yung sasabihin pa niya ( juico) it’s up to the PNP-nagpapasahan pa. Both agencies should collaborate and work together for the common good of the Government.