• PDEA 7 probes entry of ecstasy in Central Visayas


    CEBU CITY: The Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) 7 is investigating reports on the presence of party or designer drugs like “ecstasy” in Central Visayas. Ronald Allan Ricardo, PDEA 7 director, said they were monitoring these kinds of drugs because they were “created as a slightly different form of an illegal drug so that it will not be considered illicit.” He cited ecstasy as one of the party drugs. “It can lead to a rise in blood pressure and heart rate, and even death from heart failure or stroke,” he said. Ricardo said the other effects of taking too much ecstasy are visual and auditory hallucinations. Ricardo reminded the public, especially party-goers, to refrain from using illegal drugs. Other effects include confusion, irritability, panic, aggression and seizures. Ricardo said the other party drugs on the rise in the country are “fly high” and “green apple.” Fly high is a combination of shabu, ecstasy and Chinese Viagra, while green apple consists of shabu and other illegal substances coated in green-colored capsules.



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