• PDEA feats in 2014 ‘exceeded’ targets


    The Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) exceeded its targeted outputs in the fight against illegal drugs in 2014, according to state auditors.

    The auditors made this observation in a Performance Audit/Value for Money Audit in the 2014 audit report on PDEA by the Commission on Audit (COA).

    “Management exceeded its targeted outputs during the year due to its continuing formulation of administrative and operational strategies that led to the accomplishment of its MFO [Major Final Output], Dangerous Drugs Supply Reduction and Suppression Services per GAA [General Appropriations Act] for FY [Fiscal Year] 2014 [Republic Act 10633],” they said.

    Under the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002, PDEA serves as the implementing arm of the Dangerous Drugs Board and is responsible for efficient and effective law enforcement of all provisions on any dangerous drugs and/or controlled precursor and essential chemical (CPEC).

    “Aligned with the mandate, PDEA envisions the agency as a highly credible and competent agency in 2020, leading the citizenry for a drug-free country. Guided by the vision, operational and administrative strategies of the agency are geared toward improved and sustainable credibility and competence, which resulted in remarkable accomplishments in CY [Calendar Year] 2014,” the auditors said.

    “Comparison between the targets set per GAA and its accomplishments per Annual Accomplishment Report as validated showed that PDEA exceeded its targets during the year as a result of its continuing formulation of administrative and operational strategies,” they added.

    The number of high-value targets that PDEA aimed to arrest was 52 percent out of 1,700 arrested drug personalities per semester but it exceeded its target with a 118.7-percentage accomplishment in 2014.

    “[D]uring the year, 1,050 of the 2,161 total arrests were identified as high-value targets,” the auditors noted.

    PDEA was also able to accomplish 15 percent high impact operations successfully conducted out of 1,259 operations during the year, exceeding its aim that 10 percent out of 380 anti-drug operations conducted per semester would be successfully conducted through HIOs.

    “The high impact operations [HIOs] comprise of dismantling clandestine laboratories and drug/chemical warehouses, marijuana eradication, dismantling of drug ‘tiangges,’ interdiction operations, controlled delivery operations and operations leading to seizure of high volume of illegal drugs and controlled precursors and essential chemicals. During the year, a total of 188 cases or 15 percent of the total operation were considered HIOs, while the average percentage of drug-related information acted upon within one hour was 106 percent higher than the target set,” the auditors said.

    According to the audit report, PDEA aimed to act upon an average of 89.25 percent out of 8,000 drug- related information and reports within one hour but was able to exceed this target and act upon 95 percent of 11,440 drug related information and reports within an hour in 2014.



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