• PDIC urges Labrador borrowers to deal with authorized bank


    The Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation (PDIC) called on borrowers of padlocked Rural Bank of Labrador (Pangasinan) and Surigaonon Rural Banking Corp to deal only with its authorized representatives in paying their loans.

    PDIC said in a statement borrowers of Rural Bank of Labrador should pay directly at any Philippine National Bank (PNB) branch under the account name: PDIC FAO BURL—Rural Bank of Laborador (Pangasinan).

    Borrowers of Surigaonon Rural Banking Corp should pay at any PNB branch under the account name: PDIC FAO BURL—Surigaonon RB Corporation, the PDIC said.

    The two banks were placed under PDIC receivership on April 16 and April 23, respectively.

    PDIC said it has not engaged any person, agent or agency to collect the loan payments.

    To ensure proper recording of their payments, PDIC advised borrowers to keep copies of the PNB Deposit/Payment Slips.

    For payments to be valid, it must be supported by a machine-validated PNB Deposit/Payment Slip, PDIC said.

    “Official receipts will be issued by PDIC upon validation of payments. It will be sent through the mail to the borrowers,” it said.


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