PDP-Laban ‘compels’ Duterte to run for President


PDP-Laban—the political party that traces its roots to leaders of the anti-Marcos forces in Davao City—is not giving up on Rodrigo Duterte.

The party on Tuesday passed a resolution naming the Davao City mayor as its “substitute candidate” in case its registered standard-bearer, former Quezon City barangay (village) captain Martin Diño withdraws from the presidential derby or gets disqualified by the Commission on Elections (Comelec).

A report by GMA News online quoted J.V. Hinlo, interim president of PDP-Laban, sayi

THE RODY PROJECT Officers and members of the PDP-Laban show a copy of a party resolution compelling Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte to run as a substitute candidate for president. PHOTO BY RUY MARTINEZ

THE RODY PROJECT Officers and members of the PDP-Laban show a copy of a party resolution compelling Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte to run as a substitute candidate for president. PHOTO BY RUY MARTINEZ

ng that they passed Resolution No. 2 during the party’s assembly on Monday to ensure that the party will have a candidate in next year’s elections.

The party’s Resolution 2-2015 specifically “compelled” Duterte to substitute for Diño.
“[He] must dutifully abide by the decision of the party,” the resolution read.

Under the Comelec’s timeline, the substitution of candidates would be accommodated until December 10, 2015.

Under the Election Code, Duterte could withdraw his certificate of candidacy (COC) for Davao City mayor and file another COC as a substitute candidate within the prescribed period.

Hinlo said the party, however, remains supportive of Diño–an anti-crime advocate and secretary-general of PDP-Laban–whom the resolution describes as one of its “strongest presidential hopefuls.”

An earlier Resolution–1-2015–calls on all members of the PDP-Laban to support Diño.

“For now, the official candidate of PDP-Laban and its official nominee is Martin Diño. We just made Resolution No. 2 public in the event Martin Diño withdraws from the race, Mayor Rodrigo Roa Duterte is being compelled by the party to accept the nomination as its substitute candidate,” Hinlo said.

“We know that he [Duterte] is the strongest candidate among the nominees. He’s stronger than Diño, stronger than Koko [Sen. Aquilino Pimentel 3rd]. Our chances of victory with the presidency is higher with Duterte. With Diño and Koko, we have to start all over again,” he added.

Diño, who rose to prominence as the village chief who served as the guardian of a child rape victim in the infamous Leo Echegaray case, filed his certificate of candidacy for President a few minutes before the Comelec closed the filing period last October 16.

Duterte supporters crowded the façade of the Palacio del Governador in Intramuros, Manila, where the Comelec main offices are located, expecting that the mayor would plane in from Davao City to file his COC for President.

Duterte, through a proxy, earlier filed his COC for reelection.

The mayor has repeatedly denied that he is running for President, saying he is already old, tired and was not eyeing Malacañang.

Nonetheless, his supporters continued to press for his candidacy even after the period of filing of COC ended last October 16.

Duterte, who is known for his iron-fist approach in curbing illegal drugs and criminality in Davao City, was widely speculated to be gunning for the presidency after he started to go on a nationwide speaking tour purportedly to drum up support for a lobby to shift to the federal form of government.

GMA News also reported that Duterte has already been told of the party’s decision “compelling” him to become Diño’s substitute–and that he could not refuse.

“Let’s just wait and see what the mayor will say to this. He told CNN Philippines that ‘I will abide by what the party decides.’ We now don’t know what to tell the media,” former South Cotabato governor Mike Sueño, national chairman of PDP-Laban, said.

Should Duterte remain firm in his decision not to seek the presidency, PDP-Laban has the option to go on with Diño’s candidacy or find another substitute candidate.

“Our party president, Sen. Koko Pimentel, could become our third nominee. He’s qualified. What the party wants to impart as a message to the Filipino people is that PDP-Laban will not allow itself to be swept under the rug. We’ll participate in the 2016 elections,” Hinlo said.


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  1. Ronaldo Valdes on

    We need a president with Clean records. No big Family political affiliation.first of all a NON-Corrupt President.We need Duterte to run for a change.

  2. jose taganahan on

    This is plain media hype, how can Digong Duterte substitute for a PDP-Laban Presidential Candidate when Digong Duterte filed his certificate of candidacy as Davao City Mayor as a member of a local party and not as a PDP-Laban member of good standing?

  3. Arch.Lito L.Mallonga on

    SEE http://www.facebook.com/Architect-Angel-Lito-Joseph-Mallonga-Philippine-Presidential-Candidate-154730901547097/

    This is the big blander of the Comelec on rejecting me to run right at the very last dayon Oct. 16 , 2015. They said all candidates will be known on Dec. 10 yet they did not keep what they said. My facebook will be updated from time to time so you will know the programs i will deliver to our fellow Filipinos not only in the Philippines but also here abroad.

    My biggest task will be toewards INFRASTRUCTURE & AGRICULTURE and its now
    the time to help the FARMERS, FISHERMAN and the WORKING CLASS.

    PROFIT SHARE like http://www.westjet.com will be introdue . All workers should be part of
    the company and corporation. It will benefit all. But lets not forget our ENVIRONMENT. MASSIVE REFORESTATION needs to be done. I am bringing http://www.bcgreenhouses.com using the COMMERCIAL Greenhouses
    to make sure those seedlings will grow and healthy .

  4. Du30 its time to walk the talk. even if you lose (or get cheated) your candidacy is a reflection of our nation’s deafening cry for a radical change in our political & social order. happy hunting,mayor!

  5. kareen selanova(apollo) on

    go duterte go i will campaign you here in our city…surely you will win here ahead of the other wanna be president..

  6. apolonio reyes on

    I have a FEARLESS FORECAST before Dec. 10th the last day for substitution for party candidates;
    1) There will only three candidates for President and Vice President, that’s Mar Roxas- Leni Robredo, Mirriam Santiago- Bong-Bong Marcos and Rodrigo Duterte-Alan Santiago.Erap-Escudero tandem is questionable.
    2) That Jojemar Binay will withdraw his candidacy as he will be charge of Plunder and all his bank accounts and assets will be freeze.
    3) That Grace Poe Llamanzares will be disqualified for not being a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN.
    4) That Erap will substitute for Binay and Grace but he will also be disqualified by the SC in case he wins as NOT RUNNING for any government elected position is a condition he signed to be given a Executive Clemency by GMA.
    5) That Sen. Chiz Escudero will still run as running mate of Erap and if both wins, he will become president just in case Erap will be disqualified by the Supreme Court.
    6) In case Mirriam and Bong Bong wins, after two years Mirriam will resign due to poor health and Bong Bong Marcos will take over as president.
    7) In case Duterte-Cayetano wins, they will finished their terms and in the next 2022 election, Cayetano will be the man to beat.


  7. Team Duterte/Cayetano are the real deal and only one who got vision and plan for a better Philippines.You serve your city well Mayor how about one time for our country.

  8. laguatanlawzen.com on

    Duterte is the strongest contender against Dino or Koko Pimentel and even against Mrs. Llamanzares, Roxas or Binay. PDP-Laban should compel Duterte to accept the substitution.