PDP update to focus on job growth


The National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) over the weekend tapped civil society organizations (CSO) to help generate employment in the midterm update of the Philippine Development Plan (PDP).

“A key update to the PDP is highlighting the importance of employment generation to achieve inclusive growth. The update also aimed to mainstream employment concerns and make these concerns more prominent in the chapters where they are relevant,” Socioeconomic Planning Secretary Arsenio Balisacan said.

“We recognize that the recent rapid economic growth has yet to translate into rapid employment generation and poverty reduction. This is what has occupied us the most in recent months,” added Balisacan, who is also the NEDA director general.

To draft the chapters of the PDP midterm update, Balisacan said that they had consultation sessions with CSOs on Friday to seek “inputs and comments” to further improve goals and strategies to inclusive growth.

“The midterm update was envisioned as a consultative process and was implemented pursuant to the vision of inclusive growth,” Balisacan said, also referring to update programs and projects of the CSO in relation to midterm PDP update.

“While we have put a lot of effort into improving the PDP, it is not by any means exhaustive and we recognize the important role of CSOs in addressing the gaps,” he added.

In line with the inclusive growth aim, the NEDA and CSOs discussed new and revised strategies and updates on the PDP such as macroeconomic policies, the financial sector, good governance and the rule of law, industry and services, agriculture and fisheries, infrastructure, environment and natural resources, social development, and peace and security.

Earlier, the NEDA also conducted consultations among CSO groups in regions and provinces in addressing regional concerns and gaps in the PDP, as well as bringing various ideas and improvements in the planning process.

The 2011-2016 PDP is the administration’s guideline of targets, development goals, projects and improvements among others in different sectors to ramp up the country’s expansion, as well as to pursue the aim for inclusive growth.


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