• Peace be with the CPP/NPA/NDF


    Dear Sir,
    The government’s desire to seek peace is a never-ending quest. For many years government has worked for it. There were times peace with the CPP/NPA/NDF was almost there, but a hitch always comes in. By being true servants of the people, government officials tasked to pursue the peace talks do justice to their calling. They seek avenues to attain it, though how hard it has become.

    Very early this year, the CPP/NPA/NDF has stated it will not go to the negotiating table and to just wait for the next administration to thresh it out. But all hope is never lost, for the government is seeking the help of Norway for clarificatory talks if indeed the group no longer wants to discuss peace with the present leadership.

    It is the people’s hope that something comes out of this. Norway’s brokering may produce some good results. It is obvious the CPP/NPA is interested and has made moves in the past to talk of peace. Whether the government will allow them more time to think it over is now a big looming question. Will the government forever be hopeful and not get tired? We hope not. It’s getting harder to court the CPP/NPA into peace. But patience on the government’s part may pay off, eventually.

    Cabrini S. Nuyda
    Globo de Oro, Manila


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