‘Pemberton unaware Laude a transgender’

    OVER THE FENCE  Marc Susselbeck, the German boyfriend of Jeffrey Laude, climbs on Wednesday the gate of Camp Aguinaldo where US Marine Joseph Scott Pemberton is detained. AFP PHOTO

    Marc Susselbeck, the German boyfriend of Jeffrey Laude, climbs on Wednesday the gate of Camp Aguinaldo where US Marine Joseph Scott Pemberton is detained. AFP PHOTO

    Private First Class Joseph Scott Pemberton did not know that Jeffrey “Jennifer” Laude was a transgender when they met for the first time on October 11, 2014 at a disco bar in Olongapo City, Zambales, a witness told the Senate on Wednesday.

    According to Mark Clarence Gelviro alias “Barbie,” he and Laude were having iced tea inside the Ambyanz Disco bar when they saw the group of Pemberton enter the establishment.

    Barbie said Pemberton was friendly but he appeared tipsy.

    “Ang alam po ni Pemberton ay kami po ay mga totoong babae [Pemberton thought that we were real women],” Gelviro added.

    She was replying to a query by Dindi Tan, a member of the Association
    of Transgenders of the Philippines (ATP) and one of the resource persons allowed by the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations that is conducting an inquiry into the death of Laude. The panel is headed by Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago.

    Barbie said around 10 p.m., Laude and Pemberton agreed to leave the bar and go to Celzone Lodge. He accompanied them.

    When they arrived at the lodge, he joined the two inside Room 1 for a few minutes. When he left the room, he said he met an acquaintance and he agreed to go with him to another room.

    After 30 minutes, Barbie said the cashier of the lodge informed him that Laude was found unconscious.

    The cashier, Elias Galamos, also attended the Senate inquiry. He said he saw Pemberton walk out of the room and leave the lodge less than an hour after they checked in.

    He said Pemberton left the door open, prompting him to check if there was somebody inside. He closed the door when he noticed that the room was still occupied.

    But when he returned after 30 minutes to check on the remaining guest, nobody answered him.

    It was then that he decided to open the room, discovering the motionless body of Laude slumped at the toilet bowl.

    Also during the hearing, Michelle Laude, Jennifer’s older sister, dismissed insinuations that the victim was a sex worker.

    According to her, Jeffrey had not gone out at night for a year since he had become a homebody.

    Jeffrey also does not drink alcoholic beverages and that his only source of income was the allowance being sent by his German fiancé.

    Michelle admitted she was at the same disco bar where Jeffrey met Pemberton but she was with her friends.


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    1. Juan dela Cruz on

      I’d be pissed too if I found out I was deceived by a male saying he was female. He had a german fiance and yet he was bar tripping with other men? These gay people have such loose morals as long as they satisfy their urge.

    2. Was Pemberton led on to believe that Laude was a woman? Is Laude a sex worker that Pemberton paid the bar fine thinking he paid for a woman? Laude did not deserve to die, but did Laude deceive Pemberton into thinking that he/she is a woman? If Pemberton killed Laude he deserve to do penance, but let the investigation continue.

    3. Edgar G. Festin on

      If the late transgender had a German fiance, why did he agree to go with Pemberton?
      No moral rules of fidelity among gays? I thought they were even more loyal than straights. Am i deluded?

      • Morality on the side, I think you should differenciate between “gays” and “transgendered” men or women.
        Jeffrey was a transgender…which meant she has lived a life as a woman because though she had the genitalia of a man, her psyche says otherwise…she was a woman.
        As the transgender community say, the genitalia does not make one a man or a woman.

      • Legally Brunette on

        Everyone is so quick to judge that Laude cheated. We are not part of their relationship. There is such a thing as ‘swingers’ or an open relationship. We just don’t know if they had one or not but it is a possibility. Plus logically speaking, which would weigh more to the fiancée? The fact of cheating or the fact of death of the loved one regardless the cause? Let’s try not to deviate from the topic and that is taking ones life per se and not the personal life of the victim.