• Peña gives up fight


    Makati Vice Mayor Romulo “Kid” Peña assumed his post on Wednesday, ending the leadership dispute in the country’s financial district.

    Peña said his return to his original post was based on the directive of the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG).

    The vice mayor had insisted on being the acting mayor even after the Court of Appeals issued a temporary restraining order allowing Jejomar Erwin Binay Jr., who was suspended by the Ombudsman for graft charges, to remain as city mayor.

    Yesterday, Peña returned to the 21st floor of the main city hall building where his office as vice mayor located.

    “Based on the directive issued by the Office of the Ombudsman through the DILG, I was ordered to return to my position as vice mayor of Makati,” he told reporters.

    The DILG came out with the directive after the Court of Appeals (CA) issued a writ of preliminary injunction against the order of the Office of the Ombudsman suspending Binay.

    Peña immediately signed the payrolls and checks for the processing of the salaries of city councilors and their personnel, a task he refused to do when he insisted that he was the acting mayor.


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    1. Poor pena, he was made a pawn in this game of PNoy and Roxas for more power. Too bad Roxas is like PNoy, basta basta na lang nanlalaglag. Don’t worry Pena, di naman mananalo yang Roxas na yan eh. Babalik din ang karma to him. It’s so obvious kasi kung ano talaga ginagawa niya with the Binays, sobrang personal na and kitang kita rin na he’s so threaten kay Binay kasi no. 1 pa rin si Binay sa mga polls. Haaay Roxas… when will you learn?

    2. The Vice Mayor should follow the order of the Office of the Ombudsman (which he did, so Kid Pena acted correctly.)