Peña: Makati woes ghosts of the past


Makati City Mayor Romulo “Kid” Peña remains unshaken despite all the issues thrown at him by his political rivals. The “Bagong Makati” advocate claimed that the issues raised by the camp of District 2 Rep. Abby Binay were of their own doing.

During the proclamation rally of Binay and her slate, she mentioned that Peña’s leadership should be called “Bigong Makati” (Failed Makati) because of allegations that the city’s hospitals lack medicines, the Ospital ng Makati is bogged down with an air conditioning problem.

“I admit that there are problems with the air conditioning at OsMak but this problem was just passed on to us by the previous administration,” Peña said.

“But the hospital can cater to more people now. There are just problems there which I believe were intentionally done to make it appear that my leadership is not doing anything about those problems,” he added.

He noted that the services there are now faster because of the help desk they placed to cater to patients with immediate concerns.

“We are trying our best to put things in place in that hospital but there are just a lot of things that needs fixing there,” he added.

On the issue raised by former Mayor Jejomar Erwin “Junjun” Binay that the current administration blocked the completion of the OsMak for District 1, Peña said he is eager to finish the project so that the hospital can serve more patients.

“We are also not stopping the construction of the OsMak for District 1. The project cannot proceed because it is also full of discrepancies. We also do not have the needed budget because the council just recently approved it,” the mayor added.

He explained that the scarcity of medicines at the government-run hospital was the effect of accommodating too many residents from sister cities who are given referrals from the Office of the Vice President to enjoy free medical services.

“That is an old problem. That is why we temporarily suspended the sister cities agreement to focus on the residents of Makati,” Peña said.

As to the garbage problem, Peña said they are always trying to maintain the cleanliness of the city but there are barangays who do not coordinate with the city government.

“They throw their garbage at different schedules and even after the garbage trucks have made their rounds. There are some who deliberately do this to create a trash problem. They are doing this to destroy my name and reputation to the people,” Peña said.

He also stood by his “Bagong Makati” advocacy saying that it was never bigo because it was able to provide and improve the basic needs of Makati residents which the previous administration was not able to do.

“It is my hope to always be seen by the residents of Makati so that I can immediately give solutions to their problems,” Peña said. “I am not here to throw dirt on their names like what they are doing to me. This is a new Makati because it has new leadership.”


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