Penal code hikes fines for treason, other crimes


The House of Representatives has increased fines for grave crimes such as treason, falsification, sedition, coup d’ etat and rebellion, among others, to as much as P4 million.

This was made possible by House Bill (HB) 6180 or the Reformative Justice Indexation Act that was approved on third and final reading.

HB 6180 amended the 85-year-old Revised Penal Code.

With its approval, an individual committing treason, regardless of nationality, will be will be fined P4 million–a far cry from the P100,000 fine at present–on top of a lifetime imprisonment penalty.

Treason is committed by levying war against the Philippines or adhering to her enemies, giving them aid or comfort within the Philippines or elsewhere.

Fine for manufacturing and possessing of instruments or implements for falsification which include stamping, dying, marking other implements/in possession any of the instruments or implements intended to be used in the commission of the offenses of counterfeiting or falsification has been increased to P2 million from a measly P10,000.

Counterfeiting, importing and uttering instruments not payable to bearer, and falsification of legislative documents now will carry a penalty of P1.2 million from P6,000, again on top of the jail time.

Falsification by public officer, employee or notary or ecclesiastic minister, as well as falsification by private individual and use of falsified documents, now has a penalty of P1 million from a mere P5,000 under existing laws.

Individuals found guilty of forging treasury or bank notes or other documents payable to bearer, importing and uttering such false or forged notes and documents would now be penalized in the range of P400,000 to P2 million, from the P2,000 to P10,000 fine at present.

Leader, participants and conspirators in sedition and those inciting sedition, will have to pay a fine worth P400,000 to as much as P2 million on top of jail time–again a leapfrog from the P2,000 to 10,000 under existing laws.

Conspiracy and proposal to commit coup d’etat, rebellion or insurrection will now be fined P400,000 to P1 million aside from incarceration, from the P2,000 to P8,000 at present.


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