Peñalosa believes Pacman to win by stoppage

Manny Pacquiao shows explosive power and speed during his mitts training with assistant trainer Buboy Fernandez.  CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

Manny Pacquiao shows explosive power and speed during his mitts training with assistant trainer Buboy Fernandez. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

Former world champion Gerry Peña­­losa believes eight-division world boxing champion Manny Pacquiao would win by stoppage in the later rounds in his upcoming title bout against World Boxing Organization (WBO) world welterweight champion Jessie Vargas on November 5.

Peñalosa, 44, who watched all Pacquiao’s training and sparring sessions last week, said the 37-year-old Pacquiao (58-6-2 win-loss-draw record with 38 knockouts) has no sign of slowing down and stays on track of his training schedule.

“Manny (Pacquiao) is far superior than (Jessie) Vargas, who is not on the same level with him. It is going to be an easy performance by Manny,” Peñalosa, a former World Boxing Council super flyweight and WBO bantamweight champion, told The Manila Times in a phone interview.

“I believe Pacquiao will win by stoppage in the later rounds,” he added. “I saw Manny’s condition. He is now getting tougher in his last 10-round sparring with Jessie Vargas. He rested for two days last week but he trained in beast mode the past few days. The two-day rest benefited a lot.”

Peñalosa said Pacquiao is now 80 to 90 percent ready. Peñalosa’s elder brother Jonathan is one of Pacquiao’s assistant trainers. The other trainers are Nonoy Neri and Buboy Fernan­dez, while Freddie Roach serves as the overall trainer and coach.

“Even though he’s busy with his legislative duties, Manny remains committed in his training despite the fact that he’s opponent is not a threat but he never underestimates his opponent,” said Peñalosa. “He suffered cramps before but it’s nothing.”

He also mentioned that Pacquiao is good for least three more fights after Vargas (27-1 record with 10 knockouts). “His impressive performance against Timothy Bradley in their third fight proved that he still got it,” he said. “And he wants to be a world champion again.”

“Maybe if Floyd Mayweather decides to fight again. Manny can have a possible rematch against him or against any possible opponents. I guess that will be another year and a half with Manny before he retires. So far so good, he stays very competitive on a very high level.”


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  1. Team Pacquiao is jinxing the outcome of the fight in favor of Vargas. Maybe they should shut their mouths and let Manny do the talking in the ring. Vargas has a great chin, (now a) greater power under Angel Memo Heredia, and a great height and range. This could turn out to be a difficult fight for Manny even with his revived power because of his weakened chin brought about by punches thrown at him by bigger fighters whether by his real opponents or sparring mates. Remember, before Marquez cracked his chin, several fighters already did: Margarito, Glen Tapia, and Golden Boy’s Frankie Gomez.
    Team Pacquiao must have learned their lesson by past mistakes. They have been overconfident in the Marquez 3 where Pacquiao was clearly outclassed, and in Marquez 4 where Pacquiao got KOed. Pacquiao was overconfident in Mayweather fight and look what happened. The proud shall be humbled. Just my 2 cents: A little bit of fear is good because it causes us to look for and rely on God’s power and not on ourselves.

  2. Esteban Escudero on

    gerry is always talking about about victory stoppage in favor of pacman, the same prediction he was talking during pacman-marquez II, pacman-III & pacman-marquez IV. this time he would be proven wrong again. maybe this fight will end up like a KO because pacman will be koed again by vargaz, this is what i feel. pacman is not the same fighter he was before. he lost his speed and power which is great weapon. his timing is not there anymore.