• People Champ’s success inspires young Filipino bank’s progress


    EMMANUEL “Manny” Dapidran Pacquiao is already a proven winner.

    With 10 world titles under his belt, the boxer from Sarangani has won the highest accolades from the sporting world. His rags-to-riches story has captured the imagination of every man, and made them believe that dreams can indeed come true.

     EastWest bank is Pacquiao newest endorsement. The two share the same values: an extraordinary spirit, focus, the will to win, and the passion to fight for one’s dreams

    EastWest bank is Pacquiao newest endorsement. The two share the same values: an extraordinary spirit, focus, the will to win, and the passion to fight for one’s dreams

    Pacquiao ran away from his home in General Santos to spare his mother the burden of another mouth to feed. He stowed away on a boat bound for Manila. It was in its rough neighborhoods that he discovered and mastered the sweet science, as boxing is also known.

    Pacquiao steadily bulked up to take on the best fighters from higher weight classes to win eight weight division championships and became the first to win the lineal championship in four different weight divisions. Along the way, he earned the moniker “The Mexicutioner” as he defeated the then-reigning South American champions.

    In a recent fight promotion, Pacquiao made it known that he is thankful for his rise “from nothing into something.” Millions adore him not just as a fearless boxing icon but also because of the discipline and determination he exemplified with his hard work.

    Pacquiao’s ascent has been legendary precisely because he is no stranger to poverty and hunger. He began fighting for a paltry $2-a-bout and his match with Floyd Mayweather today will earn him a reported $80 million (from pay-per-view receipts alone). From peddling peanuts and donuts in Manila’s mean streets, Pacquiao has become a bankable endorser and the face of many signature global brands.

    EastWest Bank is Pacquiao newest endorsement. The two share the same values: an extraordinary spirit, focus, the will to win, and the passion to fight for one’s dreams. These values made Pacquiao the champion that he is now and it is these same values that turned EastWest into the country’s fastest-growing universal bank. And both EastWest and the People’s Champ have a never-ending quest to pursue opportunities for growth and give their best in what they do.

    Just like Pacquiao, EastWest also started in the 1990s. It was the first to receive a commercial banking license when the industry was liberalized and opened up to foreign competition. EastWest first opened its doors to the public on August 1, 1994 in Makati City.

    EastWest steadily expanded its products and services. With strategic planning and professional management, its delivery channels and branches grew.

    EastWest did not rely solely on organic growth. When good opportunities presented themselves, EastWest took advantage. In 2003, EastWest Bank bought Ecology Savings Bank Inc. In 2009, it bought AIG PhilAm Savings Bank grabbing a significant share in the consumer banking market. It bought a majority stake in Green Bank of Caraga Inc. in 2011. The following year, it bought majority interest in Finman Rural Bank Inc.

    In 2011, the Banko Sentral ng Pilipinas granted EastWest its universal banking license, allowing it to go into bancassurance and investment banking. EastWest listed its shares in the Philippine Stock Exchange in 2012 to become a full fledged universal bank, vowing to increase its branch network to 350 by 2014.

    At the end of 2014, its branch stores have totaled 405, exceeding the target it set for itself and making it the fastest growing universal bank in the country today.

    “We are one of the fastest growing banks in the country,” said chairman Jonathan Gotianun. “And, we are the only bank in this country to have expanded organically by more than 100 stores in a single year.”

    The fast trajectory of EastWest’s growth is reflected in its core
    businesses, with its in loans and deposits steadily rising and its credit cards, auto, mortgage, and personal loans expanding by double-digits.

    Even as EastWest continues to strengthen its dominance in the consumer loans business, the bank is looking to expand in other business lines such as trust, investment banking, and leasing. It is also exploring possibilities in to get its foot in the insurance business.

    “We have a dream, actually not a dream, but more of a plan. And that is to be among the biggest and most relevant banks in the country,” said Gotianun.

    And just like Pacquiao, who is clear on his goal for his every undertaking, EastWest’s growth also stems from its single-minded focus on customer satisfaction. While EastWest fiercely battles other banks for a bigger share of the market, it does not lose sight of its vision. Just like the eight-division world champion, EastWest too believes in its ability to become the best and win.


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