The people should stand against the third assault on democracy


    INFORMED civic leaders and IT specialists unequivocally assert that democracy died starting 2010:

    Contrary to Law, Comelec ordered in writing all election inspectors not to sign election returns.

    No one could validate or authenticate the returns which were spuriously reported by hidden hands manning PCOS machines.

    Therefore, consistent with the Law and common sense, the 2010 and 2013 elections were null and void.

    Those Comelec-declared “winners” are de facto, not de jure, officials.

    Again, contrary to Law, Comelec prohibited the use of Ultra Violet scanners to detect the fake ballots that proliferated.

    Worse, voters did not get any acknowledgement of whom they voted for, except a congratulatory message.

    The destruction of democracy resurfaced during the 2013 elections.

    In Delaware court documents, Dominion Voting Systems, the PCOS technology provider, stated that Comelec and Smartmatic, its PCOS partner, did not have the right Source Code.

    Sinister elements illegally used a Source Code hidden from the public eye.

    Dominion further asserted that Smartmatic, its marketing arm, did not have the expertise to efficiently operate the PCOS.

    The country faces the grave danger that the Comelec-Smartmatic partnership will deal a third blow to democracy in 2016.

    Any use of technology in the electoral process needs to have the principle of the sanctity of the ballot at its core.

    We salute the Comelec Bids & Awards Committee for recommending against the Smartmatic “Silent Night” deal and the two new Commissioners for voting against it. We hoist the flag of history censuring the retiring Comelec officials who voted for it.

    All freedom-loving Filipinos should rise to repel the blatant third assault against democracy.

    [Global Filipino Nation is an organization of international leaders and organizations in 30 countries, including the Philippines, committed to "Building the Global Filipino Nation.”]


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    1. It is now the right TIME to expose AND publish all past-information regarding the electronic recording and monitoring of National Elections by these machines.By 2016..there should be in place a totally transparent system of which we all should be in complete trust of it’s results.CAN WE DO THIS NOW?

    2. leonardo tiongson on

      What is worrisome here is that the word is COMELEC chair Brilliantes is recommending either Justice Secretary De Lima or BIR’s Kim Henares to join COMELEC. Pro-LP lahat! haigz… papano na yan!

    3. Since it is due time that the Comelec chairman is retiring and two other comelec officials this February 2015, I suggest that we Filipinos should elect an official coming from the highest trust ratings of all Filipino citizens and that is a priest from the Catholic church and other religious sectors. Why? A priest would not be related to any political party and would serve the Filipino people as his real duty and the qualities of honesty, equality and no corruption are their backbone. Even though these persons may not be lawyers the Comelec has a legal department and can hire all the lawyers they need when the need arises. Then elections then can be very transparent and honest.