• ‘People’ urging PNoy to run in 2016 polls

    RISEN SONS President Aquino is met by Japan’s Emperor Akihito and his wife, Empress Michiko as he arrives at the Imperial Palace in Tokyo. MALACAÑANG PHOTO

    President Aquino is met by Japan’s Emperor Akihito and his wife, Empress Michiko as he arrives at the Imperial Palace in Tokyo. MALACAÑANG PHOTO

    PRESIDENT Benigno Aquino 3rd said some sectors are urging him to do a Gloria Arroyo and run for another position in the 2016 elections so he can actively pursue the reforms he initiated during his regime.

    Speaking to members of the Filipino community in Tokyo where he is on a state visit, Aquino said on Tuesday night: “There were suggestions that I should have my term extended so I could continue with the reforms I initiated.”

    “When I told them that I’m not in favor of amending the Constitution so that my term could be extended, they now have a new idea. Why don’t I run for another elective position?” the President said in Filipino.

    “I’ve been repeatedly asked that question and I’ve been asking myself, ‘What could be the motive of these people’ and then I realized, I should consider running for another post as it would be better if I stayed in the limelight so that I could immediately be available when I’m needed to step in,” he added.

    Arroyo, who was Aquino’s predecessor, ran for one of the congressional seats representing her native Pampanga province as she wound up her term in 2010.

    Aquino was previously rumored to be toying with the idea of amending the Constitution to extend his term. The President categorically denied this, saying he did not want to tamper with the legacy of her mother, the late former President Corazon Aquino. The 1987 Constitution was drafted and enacted under the first Aquino administration.

    The Constitution gives the President a single six-year term and he or she is not eligible for reelection. Arroyo, who was the country’s incumbent leader in 2004, was allowed to run for President as she was deemed to be serving the remainder of the term of President Joseph Estrada who was impeached and later deposed in 2002.

    Fighting corruption
    The President said while his Administration has made inroads in institutionalizing reforms, a lot still needs to be done in fighting corruption.

    “May I just emphasize that this is just the start of the reform process. We need to continue this. We need to make those who sinned against the state account for their wrongdoing. We need to reject the culture of corruption and be freed from the shackles of poverty. Let us not forget that there are people around who want to bring us all back to the crooked system,” he noted.


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    1. I have been out of my home country for some 5 decades ago but have been reading about the PI from the various media and talking to other kababayans who venture out of the country. Philippines has been doing very well economically and on all other most significant facets of the country’s progress. The president is highly respected abroad in various countries overall for these progress and given due credit for the performance. Previous administrations failures are now uplifted by the current successes of the administration. Corruption in the Government are slowly being confronted unlike before that it was almost treated as normal way of life. I am honored to be called a Filipino because I feel we are more recognized and respected now than before.

      • Taga saan ka ba mr meynardo custodio PE? nasa labas rin ako ng bansa at naghahanapbuhay. Wala namang naibigay kabutihan ang presidente mong aquino. tingnan mo lang ang nakasabit sa suot nyang pang-itaas – it is divisive instead of having the flag of the Philippines as lapel. siguro troll ka lang ng mga yellowish. kawawa ka naman.

      • My heart bleeds every time I go around the country. Vast lands of lush green still abound, but the farmers working there cannot even eat the fruit of their toil. In the cities workers live in shanties and work in factories that are in subhuman working environment and they cannot even buy the product of their labor. So many sick people are just waiting to die because they cannot afford medicines, doctors and hospitals. Environment is destroyed by logging, mining, quarrying and resorts.Meanwhile McDonalds, S’S and the like abound. Services that do not make profound economic foundations. Only 250 families are in control of the government bureaucracy of the country. The military and police are protecting them, not the poor and little ones. And they call this progress?

    2. Dapat tumakbo si pinoy sa pagka bise presidente ni roxas tingnan natin kung mananalo sila. Go go pinoy for vice president hehehehje.

    3. Yes, you should run.
      Run so you can finally see how sick the people are of you.
      Run so you can what’s left of the people who used to support you.
      Run so the people have something to laugh at as they see you waste your time and effort because you’ll ultimately lose in the end.

    4. This I really want to see!!! How I wish he does what he is blabbering about. Go! Go! Go! Hahaha!!! Run! Run! Run! Any position that you wish! Haw! Haw! Haw! For us to be able to show him what and where he deserves to win and serve!!! Republic of Muntinglupa!!! Ha! Ha! Ha! That’s where he deserves to win! There he will have all the time in the world to play his most favorite internet game and together with his executive secretary, Budget secretary and the rest of Hyatt 10. They can share the sex toys of the other inmates as well.

      • puede naman mag run si abnoy as kagawad sa times st new manila. may makakasama na mga barangay tanod sa lugar na yon na maglilibre ng yosi nila.

    5. if satan is the father of lie then we have PNOY the father of HYPOCRITES. we will be believe you if you put ABAD in jail and you follow.

      • satan is the father of lies and PNOY is the father of HYPOCRITES. we will believe you (PNOY) if you put ABAD in jail and then you follow.

    6. A fitting headlne would be ” FOOL PEOPLE urging PNoy to run in 2016 polls”. Hindi ba sila natuto?

    7. OMG! This sure takes the cake I tell myself. Yes he should run for another office and I seriously suggest he runs for Senate so I can finally experience the thrill of seeing him thrashed to ignominy by the people. What a moron to insist that this country of ours can not afford to not have him around. Do a Gloria indeed! Can he not be consistent at least to reject all that Gloria has done. But asking consistency from this moron is too tall an order.

    8. Ronto Caniada on

      YEAH! Mr. President PNoy, why not extend one more term finished up clearing all the crooks politcians.

      Including yurself and Abad and Drilon et al. Commit suicide all pf yopu crooks and hypocrites!

    9. I doubt very much about it . noynoy for 2016 ? Majority special request? Totoo ba yan? Biro Lang yan Mr. sipsip ano?

    10. Let us ask PNoy to quantify who among the people wants him to run for another post. Which post are they targetting? When he was Congressman, he did nothing. When PNoy was Senator, he did nothing. Now that he is President, he does nothing. The only position as elected one or of importance, he is not tested is as governor, mayor and barangay chief. He can select among the 3 mentioned and he may not even win if election is fair. The yellow propagandists should not place PNoy in the group of Aling Gloria and Erap. Aling Gloria is so effective in congress and continues to file meaningful bills which are socially oriented, while Erap is performing what he is good at, administering a city with fairly good success but please, what will PNOy do to show the public that he is incompetent. Let us stop PNoy from doing more harm to the country than what he already has,

    11. William dungo on

      Mr President Dian sa Japan puwede tumakbo para sa presidente sa pilipinas hindi puwede because when term is finish you’ll be sued for plunder and malversation of Pilipino budget. Naghihintay any mga Anak Bayan and other activist. So be careful because they’re like lions and tiger towards you. I know they put you in the zoo and lock you there, like you did to Arroyo you jailed her in the veterans. You you are matapang so they will put with your friend matapang. With lion and tiger in the Manila. zoo on 2016 or 2017. Mag tags kana pare.

    12. Noynoy cannot run again for the Philippine presidency since the Constitution prohibits re-election. But probably he will run again, sooner or later, as senator or congressman because he will be jobless after his term in Malacanang.

      Wala naman siyang business or other sources of income at hindi pa siya qualified as a pensioner because of his age , kaya mauubos din ang savings niya at wala siyang pera dahil jobless siya.

      hindi naman siya puwedeng magtrabaho sa private sector dahil masisigawan lang siya ng boss niya, na dati ay sinisinghalan niya lang noong cabinet secretary pa niya ito.

      puwede ulit magtrabaho si Noynoy sa Hacienda Luisita na pag-aari ng pamilya nila, at mag-supervise siya sa pagbibilang ng harvested sugar cane.

    13. Napakaipokrito ! Binatikos si Gloria pero ginagawa naman niya ang ginawa ni Gloria!

    14. Abnoy-noyingski on

      Inakupoooo! Wag naman po! Kahit anong position sa gobyerno, please iwasan mo na naman…wala namag mangyayari sa anumang programa mo dahil halos lahat palpak at gagamitin ka nanaman ng mgakaalyado mo para lang di kayo makulong. Bagay, wala ka ng immunity from suit (buti naman). Please lang, Noynoying itigil mo na yung illusion na may mga tao pang gusto kang magkalat sa anumang position sa government. Mahiya ka naman ano? Ang kapaldin naman talaga ng apog mo at ng mga kabarkada mo! Ano ba yan? Akala mo naloloko mo ang mga japon. Gunggong, matalino yan ano kesa sa iyo! Ano ka hilo? At yung mga palusot mong mag-aasawa ka, di mangyayari yun, kasi alam mo naman kung ano ang tunay na kasarian mo, di ba? Alam mo yun! Come on, be truthful and be true to yourself.

    15. Natatakot makulong sa PDAF/DAP kaya kung ano-ano nang hallucinations ang pumapasok sa isip.

    16. P.Akialamiro on

      That’s what is called “staging oneself”!

      The reform he is talking about should be consistent that neither of his KKKK is spared. Otherwise, it is a ‘sham’ and tends to show vindictiveness, selectivity and divisiveness..

      If people believe what this sitting president is saying when it comes to what he has started, things will be facilitated and it will be supported by the people. But, he knows that he is thinking of the ‘impossible’ as far as he is concerned and just wants to ‘impress’ audience and hosts. After all, he’s just “noynoying’, I mean toying with the idea.