• Peping joins clamor to oust President



    Former congressman Jose “Peping” Cojuangco, an uncle of President Benigno Aquino 3rd has joined a movement to establish a “transition government” that will be headed by former Supreme Court Chief Justice Reynato Puno to support the call of the National Transformation Council (NTC) for the country’s incumbent leader to step down, a highly reliable source told The Manila Times on Monday.

    According to the source, an active member of one of the groups espousing the idea of a change in government, Cojuangco and lawyer Jose Malvar Villegas Jr. will gather 10 million signatures nationwide to support the call for the President’s resignation.

    Now chairman of the Philippine Olympic Committee, the former lawmaker from Tarlac province is the older brother of late former President Corazon “Cory” Cojuangco Aquino, the mother of Benigno 3rd and wife to assassinated former senator Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr.

    The source said Cojuangco will announce the formation of a transition government on December 3 in Angeles City in Pampanga province.

    “Peping and [Villegas] will be the prime movers of the signature drive in support of [the movement]that was started by [Lipa City] Archbishop [Ramon] Arguelles. The main speaker will be [Villegas], who is a grandson of Gen. Miguel Malvar and who supports the transition government that should be headed by Chief Justice Puno.

    The time and place of the announcement will be made public soon unless there will be substantial changes,” the source of The Times, who is close to Villegas, said.

    Gen. Miguel Malvar was the last Filipino general to surrender to US occupation forces during the Philippine-American War that ended in 1898.

    In August this year, Arguelles hosted the Lipa assembly and called on Aquino to quit immediately.

    Another assembly was held in Cebu on October 1, and this time, a statement was issued urging the NTC to pursue “all necessary and available lawful means” to compel the President to step down at the soonest possible time and to “immediately organize an alternative government, consisting of men and women of integrity and proven worth.”

    According to The Manila Times source, Cojuangco and Villegas, whom he called “the two Joses,” will not back out from their plan to set up a transition government.

    The two, he said, decided to join the clamor for an effective change in government in light of the Supreme Court’s ruling that the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF), the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) and other forms of pork barrel funds are unconstitutional.

    “But look at what they did. The 2015 budget is riddled with ‘pork,’” the source added, in reference to the observation made by Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago and party-list Rep. Antonio Tinio. Santiago and Tinio claimed that the General Appropriations Bill and the National Expenditure Program submitted by the executive are awash with “pork” in the form of lump-sum allocations.

    “Also, we believe there was a failure of elections in 2010 based on findings that are beginning to crop up just now. The President’s victory, as well as those of other candidates, [is]doubtful,” the source said.

    Proponents of the transition government, he explained, will pattern their campaign after the one launched in Thailand where government leaders were replaced. To avert violence once the ten million signatures have been mustered, the Cojuangco-Malvar group will call on the Armed Forces of the Philippines to support the transition government.

    “It is their duty mandated by our Constitution,” the source pointed out.

    In an exclusive roundtable with editors and reporters of The Manila Times last year, Puno warned of chaos, including a possible military intervention, if the People’s Initiative (PI) to scrap the pork barrel, which he considers as the “last peaceful alternative” against government fund misuse, fails.

    Puno also explained that the People’s Initiative was incorporated in the 1987 Constitution as the people’s last non-violent option to bring about changes that Congress cannot deliver.

    “[It] is the last peaceful alternative for the people to take charge of their destiny . . . if it failed, we [could]expect the anger of the people to reach a higher temperature.
    There will be no other option left,” the former chief magistrate said.

    He added that the People’s Initiative provision was created primarily to “take the people out of the streets.”

    Puno first made the call for a People’s Initiative against the pork barrel at the height of the controversy stirred by the PDAF and DAP.

    He said he was merely reminding the public that they have a “lawmaking-power that is not subject to presidential veto.”

    But if the initiative fails either by deliberate efforts of those who want to preserve the pork barrel or by sabotage, the specter of violence becomes a huge probability, Puno warned.

    “Kapag binara, baka magkagulo [If this is stopped, there may be chaos],” he said, hinting that there are certain sectors in the military that have become impatient and restive.

    When asked if he thinks some people may be planning to take more drastic action when all else failed, he replied: “I would assume [so].”

    The military is bound by the Constitution to be “the protector of the people” and this responsibility may be invoked in case violence erupts, Puno said.

    But how the military carries out its role as protector of the people “is not explicitly defined,” he noted.

    “There is a need for new leaders to come out. As we experienced in EDSA 1, madaling mag-alis ng gobyerno pero mahirap maglagay ng tamang tao [it’s easy to topple a government but it’s hard to put the right people in power],” Puno said.


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    1. To Uncle Peping Cojuanco: there are only two more years before the next presidential election so just wait, then you can campaign for your anointed one – VP Binay. I thought blood is thicker than water so why throw your nephew PNoy under the bus. Enough with the unconstitutional and mob rule and with your nonsense.

    2. I just hope that it wouldn’t be Binay nor any member of his dynasty, who will take charge nor be in the circle of those who will compose the transition council…else, you won’t amass the much needed signatures to oust Panot!

    3. Baka maulit na naman ang pagsisisi natin nung sa EDSA 1 na nung maalis si Marcos ay mas grabeng hirap ang dinanas natin at sabihin na mas mabuti pa pala ning panahon ni Marcos. Daanin na lang yan sa proseso, kung may kasalanan si PNoy mag file ng impeachment case o kaya hintayin na lang natin ang eleksyon at bomoto ng karapatdapat na pinuno hindi yung pasisilaw tayo sa perang ibibigay nila na sa kalaunan ay babawiin din nila ng higit pa sa triple! yung mga pasimuno ng EDSA 1 ang siya uling mga pasimuno ngayon. mag isip isip kayo at huwag padlus dalos sa pag sang ayon sa nais nilang mangyari!!!!

    4. Eliseo Jr. P.Tenza on

      The Aquino’s and Cojuangco’s endorsed the presidency of Binay. They want Binay to be the next President. But because of the corruption allegations, they are worried that Binay will not win the Presidency. They are now scheming to make the President step down. If the President steps down before the election, Binay becomes the President.
      They dont have to worry anymore. What a clever scheming of the Aquinos and the Cojuangcos.

    5. Changing leaders is a short term solution especially if he is only after the rats, he needs to be competent in all issue CAUSE he will be next rat after office, long term challenges include reforming governance and the judicial system, building infrastructure, improving regulatory predictability, and the ease of doing business, attracting higher levels of local and foreign investments. The Philippine Constitution and the other laws continue to restrict foreign ownership in important activities/sectors (such as land ownership and public utilities). The country is tag with third world indicators and virus, OFW, SACHET, MORE FUN IN CORRUPTIONS, LACK OF RULE OF LAW ENFORCERS, PRESIDENT THAT FOCUSES ON DOMESTIC ONLY PROBLEMS….ETC

    6. We’ve always dreamt of achieving progress as a nation. And decide for another round of to get change in government would again hurt the whole country as well. I could feel the sentiments of the silent majority. We are not in favor of any drastic change in the society. Many countries have been in trouble for a long time already but ours is far more different. We can still uplift the lives of every Filipino without touching the highest echelon. Pardon my words Mr. Peping but you are just trying to get attention from the people. People like you should no longer meddle with the affairs of the state for during your time, you have not done any good for the country either. Evaporate and plant sugarcane instead of boggling the minds of the people.

    7. Ano kaya at hagupitin na naman tayo ng mas malakas pa sa ‘Super Typhoon Yolanda”?
      Ito marahil ang yuyugyog sa mga hindi mapakali at n agmamadaling palitan ang pamunuan sa gobyerno. Bukod sa mga nagsusulong na patalsikin si PNoy, sino ang maaasahan ng bansa na ayusin ang masalimuot na problema na ito?

      Kung ang iniluklok kaya ng mga tao noon ay si Bro Eddie na maka-Diyos at maka-Bayan, naging matagumpay kaya ang kanyang pamamahala? Maaaring hindi rin kasi iyon ibang sekta ng pananampalataya na inaatake ng kanyang mga miyembro ay hindi papayag na iluklok siya sa Malakanyang.

      Maganda na sana ang simulain ni Bise Pres. Binay, kaya lang sa mga nagsulputang mga anomalya ng kanyang angkan, tila nakakabagabag na ihalal siya.

      Eh kung si Chief Justice Maria Sereno kaya ang ilagay sa puwesto, makakaya ba niyang pamahalaan ang buong bansa?

      Ano pa man ang nasa kaisipan ng mga nambubulabog sa ngayon, naisipan na ba nila na kumunsulta sa Diyos na Makapangyarihan sa lahat? Kung ginabayan ng Diyos noon sila Abraham, Moises at Haring Solomon, maaaring may napipisil ang AMANG KATAAS-TAASAN kung sino ito?

    8. I am a fan of Ninoy Aquino, but after reading Nick Joaquin’s “The Aquinos of Tarlac,’ I became a fan of Don Benigno Aquino Sr., and Gen. Servillano Aquino too. The Aquinos have a rich patriotic heritage. The Cojuangcos on the other hand are the genuine oligarchs like the Lopezes, Ayalas, Zobels, Elizaldez, Aboitiz, Rojases , etc..–and therefore they unabashed rent-seekers and carpet-baggers. Peping joining those who clamor for PNOY’s ouster is just showing his true color and character as a Cojuangco. He is the other Danding Cojuangco in the other spectrum of the clan. CJ Puno is a chameleon according to Marites Vitug who suddenly became a human right jurist years after serving as Estelito Mendoza’s errand boy. He was one of the legal stars of Mendoza defending martial law before the Supreme Court. After Marcos was chased out from power in 1986, Puno in later years became Chief Justice and Mendoza began appearing in the Supreme Court defending the Marcoses again. Puno looks at government job as a revolving door — from being a jurist to becoming a President is one of his dreams and never mind if he does not have the integrity for the office, after all, neither Ferdinand Marcos, ERAP or GMA has it and yet they became President.

      • In December 1944, as the combined Filipino and American forces continued their advance to liberate the Philippines from Japanese forces, the government of the Second Philippine Republic was moved to Baguio which included Aquino before they flew to Japan where together with other officials they were arrested and imprisoned at the Sugamo Prison when the Japanese surrendered. On August 25, 1946, Aquino was flown back to the Philippines for his trial on treason charges by the People’s Court[disambiguation needed], a few weeks later he was released on bail.

    9. pnoy is not only the most incompetent president in the history of the philippines, he is also the dumbmest of them all. that is why we see so much corruption in the government because all his advisers, all his cabinet men, all his officials could see how dumb he really is and if the president is that dumb, it is time to help themselves to the public;s money. i know every peso i am paying as taxes goes to the pocket of these corrupt people sayang pnoy had his chance, now he has to give it up otherwise the philippines is going down the drain. before he was elected, many people were wondering how a person who have never managed a family, could already have the skills to manage a whole country, which is millions of times more complicated. now this observation is proven true. pnoy should go

    10. The present economic achievements of the Aquino government has tremendously increased income of the middle class. This scenario is the greatest fear of any government because a strong middle class always support the clamor of the lower class and their revolts against the governing few. To avert this, the governing few will organize the “blind 10 million” led them to revolt against the present government and remain in power. Another “fake revolution” another suffering for the Filipino people. Our present governance is FEUDAL. We are being taxed so much for the masters to enjoy. Worst there are some of us who enjoys the company of scalawags in government, supports them and walked with them. I don’t like to be a member of a family of LIARS nor be governed by them. Yes, I support any revolution – a true revolution by the INDIOS and not by the FILIPINOS most especially the ILLUSTRADOS. By the way, Filipinos are the spaniards born in the Philippines and the illustrados were Filipino collaborators during the Philippine – American War (mga traydor). If this news is true…BINABASTOS NA NAMAN TAYO AT ANG ATING KASAYSAYAN.

    11. Kung puede Lang déath penalty ang parusa sa Mga corrupt, Baka maubos lahat ang Mga politiko.

    12. I dont trust the kamag-anak Incorp. Cojuangcos..NTC can do it without involving yellow elements.Baka mamaya may vested interest na naman yan gaya nung time ni Cory.The true freedom will be abolishing the Cory constitution and economic liberalization.God Bless NTC!..

    13. I am not a fan of the president and admire Justice Puno. However, getting rid of him through extra-judicial process disregards the Constitution and in the long run injures the country. Coup d’état is becoming a pattern for the country. This is what people who have the means did in the so-called Banana Republic in the 50’s and 60’s. Somehow, in spite of reports of rampant and blatant corruption of its leaders, it has evolved gradually to be a country of law. Absolutely, the country and its people have a long way to go but to short circuit the process of removing elected officials few months before an election would push the country back. Additionally, the Cojuancos do not have clean hands. Their motivation is suspect as far as I am concerned. They own the Hacienda Luisita for God sake. Through the years of changes in government, they appear to always have stayed on top financially. In fact they seem to have thrived during the Martial Law years. This announcement by the uncle seems to be an internal family squabble that has gone out of control. I wish, they kept the country out of it. I would like to believe that our people have become more sophisticated politically. In the past, truth came from moneyed family. What they say, goes. They have cadre of sycophants who without question and deliberation follow hem blindly. Democratization of truth has dawned. The ruling families do not have the monopoly of information and truth anymore. This petition to remove a sitting president belongs to an era where the so-called elite can rally others to bend the rules for their own personal end. They shroud their intention with the supposedly will of the people. If the president has done high crime and misdemeanor, go through the legal process. If that’s too hard to prove, well too bad, we have a Constitution to follow. Wait for the next election. Let the kingmakers of the country go through the crucible of an election. You can’t do a mulligan every time things go wrong.

    14. Galit lang po si Mr. Peping Cojuangco dahil sa desisiyon ng Supreme Court na ibigay ang bilyong pisong Coconut levy fund na kanyang kinamkam noong panahon ng Marcos Martial Law era na pera o pag-aari talaga ng mga Coconut Planters sa boung Pilipinas. Nagkataon kasi na sa panunungkulan ni Pnoy nailabas ang hatol kaya umuusok sa galit. Daang matuwid si Pnoy kaya hindi po siya naghihimasok sa desisyon ng SC kahit hindi pabor sa kanyang mga kamag-anak. Justice even though too long has been given to our Filipino Coconut farmers. Mabuhay po ang Pilipinas!

    15. Ni hindi mo nga maayos ang PSC, Pilipinas pa kaya? Kahit 3million votes lang, hindi nyo yan maabot. Bakit nman kami susunod sa inyo? Meron na ba kayong ginawang maganda sa bayan? Ikaw Congressman Babalu Cojuangco, may nagawa ka ba sa Tarlac? Galit ka lang sa pamangkin mo dahil tinalo ka niya Kahit pa medyo may pagka-mongoloid. And I doubt kung totoo ang balita ito.

    16. Peping Cojuangco was part of the Kamag Anak, Inc. during Cory’s time as exposed by Maceda. Under Pnoy’s time, Peping Cojuangco has been marginalized. It is a situation he can not bear but bear he must under Pnoy. He does not Want to be ignored for long. This is what the ABS-CBN called kulang sa pansin. Now pansin na siya.

    17. Vicente Penetrante on

      When a child gets mad, he usually goes into tantrums. If Aquino is mad at Serano and Leonen, what about his uncle Peping? The Hacienda Luisita farmers are waiting.

    18. What do you really believe this guy? Peping Cojuanco is a dinosaur from the Markorakot era….he and Marcorakot bleed the common masa, imagine this …for 20 years Markorakot run the country unopposed and he could do what ever he want..but how come not a single piece of land from Hacienda Luisita was ever distributed to the common tao ??? why ?because Peping gave Markorakot a portion of the profit of the Hacienda…then when Cory implemented CARP, Peping was very very angry he secretly supported Markorakot and Gringo and led several Coup against Cory…and now he is doing the same thing to Pnoy..why ? to save his precious Hacienda…

    19. Haven’t you noticed? we have 3 senators, an ex-pres and Janet Napoles behind bars and a lot of transparency that did not happen from his predecessors, now you have freedom to speech to accuse the TRAPOs.

    20. Carlos Maglutac on

      It’s unbelievable how a small minority can even think about mustering 10 million signatures. I challenge you to come up with half a million. You guys are in fantasy land.

      • Carlos Maglutac on

        Get out of your armchair and laptop and move your ass out of your house if you really want to get him out.

    21. Gianni Benedetti Pansensoy on

      I rather join Pnoy than This corrupt guy, he was responsible for the massive pillaging of our national coffer by being the crony of Marcos, this old man is getting mad, Peping Cojuangco is a very very corrupt m,an, he was also responsible for bringing hunger and pestilence in Negros when him and Benedicto family monopolized the sugar industry to enrich themselves. So people be careful with this man, they forcefully stole coca cola during the height of martial law, they used the military force to plunder this nation.

      Halika at makilahok sa pambansang himagsikan laban sa matinding katiwalian ni Bise-Presidente Jejomar Binay, lantarang pandarambong sa kaban ng bayan habang ang karamihan sa mga Pilipino ay halos nakalubog ang kaluluwa sa kahirapan.
      Ito ay ang makabuluhang hangarin para sa pambansang transpormasyon, hinihikayat ko ang ating mga kababayang natutulog at hindi alintana na bawat butil ng kanyang pangarap ay dinudugas , kinabukasan ng kanyang pamilya ay nilalatigo hanggang mawalan ng saysay at magdurusa sa gutom. Ito ay ang panahon upang ipagtanggol ang bayan sa nakakatakot na panganib ng walang humpay na pananamantala ng Bise-Presidente , nagapapasarap at nagpapayaman sa buwis mula sa mga mararangal na mga Pilipinong walang patid sa pagkayod samatalang buong bayan ay naghihikahos, naghihirap at nagugutom.
      Tayo na at makibaka , huwag nating hayaang masadlak ang ating bayan sa nakaka-kilabot na hangarin niyang maging pangulo ng ating bansa, ito ay maging pinaka-malagim na bangungot dahil ilulubog niya ang bansa sa masaklap na katiwalian, dudurugin ang mga munting pangarap ng bawat kabataang nais mamuhay ng marangal. Wawasakin niya ang pag-asa ng mga mag-asawang nais magkaroon ng mga anak na hindi magtitiis sa matinding gutom at titibagin niya ang makabuluhang panaginip ng mga munting paslit na balang araw ay makitang buong bayan ay maka-ahon sa kahirapan

    22. Is this true and factual? This goes against the stand of the NTC that BS Aquino must STEP DOWN as the illegitimate & unconstitutional president, rather than RESIGN, therefore acknowledged as the legitimate president, and would therefore be subject to his “prerogative”. He must not have a choice!

      To boot, gathering 10 million signatures for resignation is surely a waste of time, at the very least a delaying tactic that may stretch well into the 2016 election season…. http://s14255.p315.sites.pressdns.com/peping-joins-clamor-oust-president/145847/

    23. What happened here? An uncle wanted his nephew to come down as President. What is the real story? What matters to most Filipinos including us OFWs are the improving economy based on international banks (WB, ADB) and financial institutions (Moody, IMF, etc.) which I rely on rather than the TV5, newspapers, MB, etc.

    24. Pakana naman ito ng mga BINAY-aran at mga katropa ng senatong nasa kulungan….hehehehehehehehehe ………

    25. muriel magtanggol on

      I don’t like Noynoy…and i don’t like Peping too. He is a player. Of course he wants to side with the next power to be! Tigilan niyo nga ako mga Cojuangco- Aquino! Alis dyan! Mga bwisit kayo…mas bwisit pa pala kayo kay Marcos!

    26. It’s time get rid of this clown BSA and the Aquino dynasty. Puro mga opportunista ang mga yan. Walang naitulong sa bayan father mother and son mga ‘Salot’ mahiya kayong mag angkan..dapat inubos kayo Ngo mga Marcos.

      • realy..tanong bakit sa 20 years na naka upo si Markorakot e walang ni isang peraso ng lupa ang naipamigay sa Hacienda Luisita ??

        Kasi partners in crime ang dalawang yan..yung idol mo na si Markorakot..number 1 yan na traidor sa masang Pilipino

      • Btw, father Ninoy should be excluded. He was entirely different from his wife Cory and son PNoy, quite the opposite. That is why Marcos detested him.

    27. Twice, the so-called People Power revolution stood up and marched to oust two Presidents.
      The first one was led by Mrs. Corazon Aquino, who became the President after the dictator Marcos. She re-established the democratic system of government. But, once freedom was established, several groups wanted to take over the power. So, coup after coup plagued her administration.
      The second march was led by then, Vice President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. She also succeeded in forcing former President Estrada to step down. She was able to convince the people how corrupt President Estrada was. Mr. Estrada was eventually convicted for plunder by the court. But, immediately, Mrs Arroyo granted him an unconditional pardon. But sadly, the woman who expelled a corrupt President is now facing the same raps as her predecessor. She is probably awaiting another President to be elected so she can also get an unconditional pardon, if convicted.
      And now, the present government is plagued by a runaway corruption. All three branches of government have plundered the resources of the country. It has become a free for all.
      In my opinion, there is no such thing as a peaceful revolution. A bloodless revolution. Since the dawn of time, empires have risen and fallen. And those that have fallen, fell by the sword.
      The Romanian revolution in Dec 1989 brought down the Ceausescu regime. And the dictator and his wife were brutally murdered during the revolution. But, since then, no news of corruption has been heard.
      I do not condone violence. But, those corrupt politicians would only learn their lesson if some of them are executed either by hanging or by a firing squad. We need to put the fear of God in their hearts.

    28. noon inalis si Erap s pwesto kc di raw mbuting Presidente ipinalit si Gloria Magna… este! Macapagal Arayko!…este! Aroyo…ano ang ngyari KAWATAN halos lahat ng kaalyado…ngayon blak alisin nnman c PNOY n gumagawa ng mbuti pr s byan cno nnman ang ippalit? ilang General n nman s Military ang magppkamatay pag nbunyag s kahihiyan ang pangalan? nagtatanong lng poh?!

      • Gumagawa ng mabuti sa bayan? Mahabaging Dios, saan ka ba nakatira, sa planetang Jupiter? Anong magandang ginawa ang idol mo, wala maliban sa mang suhol ng pera ng maralita via PDAF / DAF para patalsikin ang kanyang mga kalaban! Pinangalandakan nuong halalan ang Walang Korap Walang Mahirap at Tuwid na Daan, ngayon mas dumami ang mahihirap. Karamihan ng mga kaalyado nya ay mga kawatan, aber meron bang isang napakulong sya? Paano makukulong eh kaalyado.

      • John Patrick Lee on

        Do you really believe Noynoy did something good in his term? Di ka ba nagtataka kung bakit wala siya sa listahan ng mga nag invest sa ghost projects ni Napoles? Di ka ba nagtataka bakit hindi inilalabas ng COA kung ano ang ginawa niya sa Malampaya fund? Di ka ba nagtataka kung bakit sa kabila ng kakapasa pa lang ng budget para sa 2015, heto siya at nanghihingi ng dagdag?

        Wag ka sanang bobo at tanga! Ang taong nagsasabi na siya ay matuwid, siya pa ang mas kurakot at magnanakaw.

      • …pero di naman nawala ang kawatan sa Aquino admin, lumala pa nga at pinagtatakpan pa ng Presidente.

    29. This is another yellow ribbon initiative in disguise, just like the Hyatt 10 during GMA’s time. They have realized that their boy BS has become hopelessly radioactive so to save themselves they cooked up this plan. A real alternative government should be made up of those opposed to the yellow regime, and Peping and company do not qualify at all. What’s their stand on public scams like the PPP, the world’s highest electricity rates, communists in government, sovereign guarantees, automatic debt appropriation, hostility towards China and many more issues? Its the same group in power and nothing will change. This is another EDSA scam. The people need a change in anti-poor, anti Filipino government policies, not a mere change in personalities.

    30. Pass the freedom of information bill and create new bill sentencing curruot government official to death penalty thats the only way how we can stop curruption. Let see if they who really serves the country. Our law is ruined and played by some politician a no bail verdict can be bailable. Hmmmmmpppp

    31. Maybe they are right but what will happen next a country with no president? Or they will be the one to act as president. I hope currupt official must be sentenced to death

      • muriel magtanggol on

        Good and honest eh yung 23B mo nga, ipangangampanya na…good and honest ka pa rin? Yung nawala mong pera through unconstitutional DAP and PDAF designed to divert your money to corrup officials pockets, gawa yan ng good and honest president mo! Kaya madali tayong ma 1-2-3 ng mga yan kasi maraming uto-uto!

      • We will support PNoy all the way because I believe he is doing his best, considering that he inherited a messy government of previous admins he has accomplished many projects ( AFP moderniztion, Roads & highways const. ) in just 4 years. PNoy is the best so far and not corrupt. We are not going to support Peping and all those people behind this, they are all traitors.

      • …another Ngek.! Pnoy honest.? He continually lies to the people, he says the economy is growing yet the people is growing very poor, he says 2000+ perished in typhoon yolanda contrary to the count of the rescuers, he says crime rate is down but the news says it’s up, he says there is no more pork but the 2015 budget is riddled with lump sum and unprogrammed funds…whew!!!

    32. This looks like a duck; quacks like a duck; and walks like a duck. BUT THIS IS NOT A DUCK! Whoever is behind this news item is working for those who wish to derail the cause of a national transformation program or at the very least wanting to seize the opportunity and to take the leadership of an initiative they were never really a part of in the first place. These people are opportunists and traitors.

      • LITO can you call it transformation when the president only puts to jail those who are politically opposed to him? But when they are his appointees he ignores all their ombudsman cases and even promotes them??? time to wake up

    33. this is no surprise….it happens all the time… when going gets rough, family matters…if you do not want your wealth to be the target of the next administration especially the opposition, it would be cautious to change your tune, isn’t it?

    34. Norodin Lucman on

      PNoy’s shabby treatment of his family and Ninoy’s allies is incomprehensible, a factor that inspired Hyatt 10 to abuse the authority of the president. God help this country!

    35. The Poster Boy of “gasgas nang mantra” na Daan’g Matuwid ni Kalbo’ng Penoy aka Makapili Boy the 2nd, – ang Berdugo nang kawawang masang Pilipino. Ipagpatuloy lang ninyo ang daang baluktot sa pagtakbo at pag gamit nag fondo govierno sa kandidatura ni Mar “Boy Pikap” Roxas. Hep hep hoorayyy sa bulok na pulitika’ng Pinoy. God save this impoverished nation from the fangs of these hungry wolf dogs…

    36. Sa panayam ni Lakay Rolly Gonzalo, DWIZ’s Balitang Todong Lakas, kay Arsobispo Oscar Cruz kaninang umaga, sa tanong kung pabor ba ang huli sa isinusulong na Federalismo ni Davao City Mayor Rody Duterte, tahasan sinabi ng huli na: “wala sa porma ng goberno kungdi nasa mga nanunungkulang matitino ang pagpapabuti ng pamamahala.”

      Naidugtong ko na rin ho, Bishop, titino lamang ang mga namumuno kung may sword of damocles hanging over the head of government officials. At ang espanadang iyan ay ang JURY JUSTICE SYSTEM. Kung bakit at paano?

      Abangan sa aking programang may B na may K pa, DWSS 1494 KHz AM band, 4 PM (Monday to Friday).

    37. To the Editor.
      I understand that Noy Noy was the peoples’ choice by an overwhelming majority, many of those calling for his political demise have not been elected to any public office. Once before the Philippines had a leader who didn’t have the favour of the people, is this the preffered option of the dissidents? It’s fine to be critical but let’s see the alternative candidate.

    38. Miguel Magtangol on

      It’s about time! My only reservation is the inclusion of a trapo. Puno and Malvar are OK. But Peping?

    39. Civilian government fails because of corruptions,NTC will also be a failure because those people behind it are all crooks.The best option is a military takeover with civilian/military junta,corruptions will be tried in a military court no appeal.Plunder if convicted will be shot in a firing squad.When the AFP clean up the mess,there will be election,rewrite the constitution and another form of government.God bless the Philippines and the AFP.You are the only hope for better Philippnes.

      • ariel g lescano,md on

        that’s the worst thing that could happen.balik tayo sa martial law era.itry ga ng mga militar ang kanilang sarili for corruption,of course they wont.pag nangyari yun,history repeats itself.

    40. Blimey things are looking bad for pnoy. I wonder how this will affect foreign investment in this country. But i blame the average person in this country for whats happened as they keep electing these people & never hold them accountable. People should insist on the death penalty & forfeiture of all their worldly possessions if getting caught stealing from government as many now have been & are still continuing to be caught.

      • It’s the other way around, things are looking bad to the three senators who were involved in the PDAF and money laundering. There will be more officials who will be charged. What is happening in our country is bit of storm but it will start to normalized once the corrupt officials are charged. It’s a good democratic process and a deterrent for all officials in government as well as private institutions to get their acts together. It’s clear that the people who are engaged in clean up operations are no doubt professional and highly respected persons such as Kim Henares, Panfilo Lacson, Mar Roxas, Leila De Lima, Singson, etc. I have seen these people presented their cases and response to allegations by their detractors.

    41. At sino naman ang gusto nyong ipalit? bakit wala po ba kayong pakinabang sa kanya? isip-isip naman muna kayo..


      • I disagree with your comments. I am not sure what planet you come from. Your statement lacks the intelligence of reasoning. If you’re from other country which I believe you are, you can’t mesh around with Filipinos who have obvioulsy have better intelligence. Keep out from our politics!

      • Herminio Bautista on

        I would rather join P-Noy than Peping. I think they will not get 1 million signatures.

    43. With the presidential elections just 15 months away, it is a remote possibility that the people or the military will support any extra constitutional means of ousting the president and installing a non elected transition government. Any attempt to pursue this plan will just be a waste of time and resources for the organizers.

      • Money is not an issue to the Cojuanco’s and cohorts. The Philippines is in deep quandry, quagmire, cesspool and sty. It will be very dufficult to extricate from the disgusting situation.

        It is akin to hopping from a hot frying pan to another. It takes one to know one.

        I was just watching a TV program about PSYCHOSIS. It is a thought provoking program. It is about insensitivity, calculating, lack of remorse, defensiveness and vindictiveness to criticisms (know it all), predatory (always looking for the weakness of preys like predatory wild cats e.g. lions, tigers, pumas, etc.), self absorbed (narcisism), controlling (using charm and generous gift giving like million pesos bribes to control), unrealiable, untrustworthy, etc.

    44. ariel g lescano,md on

      cojuangco doesnt have the credibility,ung POC nga daming problema and very visible ito sa mga resulta sa pagsali natin sa international sports competitions and kung me mag excel man its thru individual effort.maghintay na lang sa 2016,malapit na un.ung mga pari naman, just follow Pope Francis.

      • Agree. Neither Renato Puno who was installed as CJ by corrupt President Arroyo. Who do we believe? My gut feeling is the current administration is doing well and I admit have some form of corruption but are much better than previous administration. What I see happening are there are a number of individuals and organizations that have been affected by current administration desire to rid of corruption. I am sure those individuals who are against the government are joining the band wagon. My desire for the country to rid our goverment and private sectors of corruption. If there is a qualified and charismatic leader i.e OFW leader that will run for President I will surely vote for him. OFW have not been associated with the corrupt practices, corrupt officials and businessmen in our country. Most of them have enough money not to steal or engaged in corruption.

    45. If the People’s Initiative is approved by the people, who will take over the presidency? Will it be Binay? If that happens, lalong masama ang kinabukasan ng Pilipinas. Marami na ang ebedensiya nagpapatunay na siya ay corrupt. He has not presented any defense to the accusations of his former friends; he made only general statements that he is not corrupt and not enriched himself while he was mayor of Makati. Further, he and his family have violated the spirit of the Constitution which bans family dynasties in the government. That’s my honest view.

    46. Julio M. Domingo on

      Blood is thicker than water. Don’t expect too much about Peping Cojuangco turning against his nephew. I’ll not be surprised if the President’s uncle will deny this move to oust PNoy.

    47. Tama si Puno, maganda man ang hangarin at adhikain ninyo ay mahirap maglagay ng tamang tao sa Malacanang lalo na’t karamihan sa mga politikong Pilipino ay mga “corrupt” o kaya’y magnanakaw ng pera ng bayan. Napa-kadaming kaso na naihain sa mga politico ay kung bakit hirap patalsikin o kaya’y aminin ng mga ito ang napakasamang kasalanan nila sa pagnanakaw ng pera ng bayan. Sa Pilipinas lang makikita ang mga politikong nagpayaman na ang kapal ng mga pag-mu-mukha nila sa kasuwapangan sa pera ng bayan at gusto pa nilang manatili sa puwesto kasama ang mga walanhiyang mga anak.


    49. If this information is accurate and credible, mischievous PNoy and his cohorts must be very scared. PNoy’s Uncle Peping is no patsy. Peping Cojuangco still have a lot of clout around the country. This is also very bad news for PNoy because no less than his Uncle is now getting sick and tired of all the incompetence and mischief which is getting out of hand already.

    50. This “TRANSITION-Government” idea is super-bilis-bilisan to put Bise Binay into Malakanyang.

      Hanapin ninyo sa Konstitusyon kung ano ang nakasulat. Kung nag-resign si PersiNoynoy, sino ang papalit?

      Naglolokohan lang ata, ano ba naman?

      • Heard that Binay is not welcome in the NTC. He does not qualify because of several reasons. One, the Binay dynasty, two, he is a member of this bribing administration and three, He is being accused of corruption which he has not cleared by refusing to defend himself.

      • I believe that Pres. Benigno C. Aquino should be allowed finish his term and be replaced only by a legally elected President in 2016 !!!

        Once Pres. Noynoy would be ousted , VP Binay becomes , automatically , the President of the Philippines according to the PHILIPPINE CONSTITUTION !!!

        How could we tolerate somebody , who have not yet proven his innocence about the CORRUPTION CHARGES against him , be the next President of the PHILIPPINES ???

        We have seen that OUSTING A SITTING PRESIDENT in the past , did not solve CORRUPTION but enhanced it by the GREEDY, MONEY-HUNGRY , SELFISH men and women ???

        Do we like that what , ALLEGEDLY , had happened in MAKATI during the time of VP Binay as Mayor … would happen to the ENTIRE PHILIPPINES ???

        I am INCLINED TO BELIEVE that VP Binay is GUILTY as CHARGE , due to his STUBBORN RELUCTANCE to confront his ACCUSERS face to face !!! … Instead of confronting Former Vice Mayor Ernesto Mercado to a debate , he instead allowed his SPOKESMEN to search “SOME CRIMES” which MIGHT HAVE DONE by the Vice Mayor in the past.

        If ever the “UNA group” would find SOME DIRT IN THE CLOSET of Former Vice Mayor Ernesto Mercado , those dirt would not prove the innocence of VP Binay … WOULD IT ???

        The “UNA group” should remember that Former Vice Mayor Ernesto Mercado ADMITTED that he was a part of the CORRUPTION in MAKATI before !!!

    51. Yes…It is a high time that the movement push through without resilience. Just imagine there is so much uproar already about DAP and PDAP and yet because they are in power a supplemental budget wasstill prepared in order to propagate their selfish objectives. The council should pursue vigorously to attain a ‘Transition Government’. More power to the promoters of the movement. Thanks to honorable Peking Cojuangco for his concern about this malfeasance in the present administration.

    52. Also elect a new congress wherein the senators will be chosen regionally and commission of election will be chosen from people of undeniable honor (no politician).

    53. Mukhang dumarami ang opportunista at bumabalimbing, nararandaman na walang kapag-asa-asa ang mga manok nila!
      NTC mukhang dumarami ang sumasabit!
      Wag ninyo ng guluhin dahil isang taon na lamang ang hinihitay!
      Daanin na lamang sa botohan!
      Maraming gustong mamuno ng walang paghihirap na gagawin!
      Mas delikado ang mga taong ito!
      Warning!gumagapang na ang power grabber!

    54. Roldan Guerrero on

      Peping Cojuangco must be certain that his nephew wrongly became president of this country!

    55. Nothing is more consoling to an oppressed people than to know there are valiant soldiers ready to fight the oppressor and dictator. We will stand behind the National Transformation Council under the leadership of former SC Chief Justice Puno. Long Live our new liberators! May the Abnoy be deposed and brought down!

      • Exactly. We are hallucinated with the idea of progress way back when he was still running for president. We thought he is the embodiment of change. But in truth and justice, he is just another puppet of authoritarianism. He does not embody the nation’s ideals and aspiration. He is working for his own interests or rather the interests of the 1 percent. We must bring down this government. Annihilate the old system and create a new system. Down with the Aquino Regime.