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    Former TV5 executive-turned-director Perci Intalan line-produced the movie horror-comedy I Love You To Death, starring Kiray Celis and Enchong Dee, for Regal Entertainment under Idea First Company.

    The film, now showing in cinemas nationwide, is the first venture of Idea First, which Direk Perci opened with his life partner, award-winning writer and director Jun Lana.

    It was Roselle Monteverde who broached the idea to Direk Perci to present a project for Regal Films. At that time, Idea First was producing Paranormal Activity for TV 5 where they also had Kiray as one of the stars.

    When Love Is Blind became a hit, Direk Perci asked Roselle if they had a follow up project for the former child actress. When she said they had none yet, he thought of the concept of I Love You to Death and offered to line-produce it for Regal, with a young new director named Miko Livelo at the helm.

    Perci Intalan

    Perci Intalan

    “I was the one who would contact Mother Lily [Monteverde] for the production budget every week. Work went on smoothly and we finished the film in one month. We had a lengthy pre-production which helped make the work a lot easier,” said Direk Perci.

    Moreover, Direk Perci acknowledged he learned a lot working for Regal, even if he already worked with the decades’ old movie company several times in the past. His responsibilities became more detailed when he had to handle the production side itself.

    “I guess one reason why Regal has stayed this long in the business is because Mother Lily knows everything that happens in production because she needs to be updated regularly, plus she signs the checks herself,” he related. “She knows how much is paid to the crew, even the one who handles the crowd control, the PA and the utility staff.”

    Direk Perci continued, “What I liked about working with Regal is that you are forced to defend your budget with Mother. I told her that we can argue with the regards the budget before the shoot but once she agrees, tuloy na iyon. We can’t go back and argue again since it might affect the schedule of production. The said process helped make the film very cost efficient.”

    Yet another thing that Direk Perci liked about Regal the support they give their creative team.

    “Once the team and Mother Lily has agreed on the creative side, that’s that. They will just give general feedback, which I think even Miko appreciated.”

     Enchong Dee and Kiray Celis star in the Intalan-produced movie ‘I Love You To Death’

    Enchong Dee and Kiray Celis star in the Intalan-produced movie ‘I Love You To Death’

    On another note, Direk Perci said Ideas First is planning to field their new movie Die Beautiful to the Metro Manila Film Festival this December, with Jun Lana as director. He said they especially want to join this year’s outing because of the new festival rules.

    “Is it better if the entries will be chosen from finished products, unlike before when scripts were the basis [of being chosen]? Sometimes you can have a good script but the finished product does not seem good enough. It also happens that a script may not be perceived as good enough but when it is shot as a movie, it turns out better. We still don’t know if the change will be good or bad, but we just hope the audience will welcome whatever comes out in December more than before,” he ended.


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