A high quality performance intake system is one of the best horsepower investments a motorist can make for his or her vehicle. Based on KDM’s experience on the track, much horsepower is squeezed out from the engine with the installation of a KDM air intake system.

At KDM, they completely replace the factory air intake assembly with an aerodynamically engineered tube, where applicable, and an oversized conical air filter. It only takes 90 minutes to install and most of KDM’s air intake technology is designed to deliver huge increases in power and acceleration.

KDM air intake kits are built for many different vehicles and represent a dramatic improvement in acceleration and power.  It utilizes aluminum-molded tubes that can reduce air temperature and enhance the intake sound. The weakest link in the airflow “chain” robs a vehicle of its natural horsepower. Often, that weak point is the factory air path leading to the engine. KDM air intake kits virtually eliminate air path restriction by replacing the air filter and the entire air path to the engine. The aerodynamically engineered tube drives a massive amount of air into an engine, which translates into power.

For details on how to improve the performance of car or SUV, visit the I Love KDM shop at the Valley Fair Town Center, Ortigas Avenue Extension.


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