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  1. Had mar roxas won and also does the same thing what duterte is doing now, i am very sure these yellowtards are silent and more than 100% in support. It is just a matter of whom they are loyal to even at,the expense of the ffilipino values and moral.

    But of course, nobody but duterte only can do the war against drugs ih his own unique way. Though it may appear bloody but Majority of the filipinos, I am sure, like it this way. The previous ones are just very concern in keeping up with their political selfishness, thus hold on to it in the guise of due process and issues of legality..

    • Uhm no. I’m a Duterte supporter, but I am against his War on Drugs. You’re making false assumptions. And Mar Roxas drinks water using a plate and eats rice using a cup. A person like that isn’t capable of running a country.