• THE NOKIA 3310

    A permanent throwback of a classic


    Long before smart phones with the flattest of the screens, the brightest display, and the most compact built-in cameras became the norm, a trusty mobile phone ruled the country at the dawn of digital age.

    The Nokia 3310 actually lorded the cell phone scene at the beginning of the century. The stocky phone, which duly proved its durability and longevity, was the baptism of fire for today’s young professionals and adults in the era of text messaging.

    Ask around what were their first cell phones and the 3310 will be the common reply.

    Moreover, the best memories of owning and using a Nokia 3310 would dropping it from high without worrying about malfunction, and a battery life that lasted for days without charging.

    As such, when HMD Global, the Finnish company which now holds the rights to produce and market new generation Nokia phones, announced that they will —for lack of a better word—”ressurect” the classic cell phone, its pre-millennial fans rejoiced.

    On June 8, Shannon Mead, HMD Global country head for Philippines, lead the announcement that the beloved classic will once again hit store shelves beginning June 30.

    Thin, light and incredibly durable, the Nokia 3310’s resurrection is a head turning modern twist to the arguably the best-selling feature phone of all time.

    Like its predecessor, the phone boasts of an incredible 22-hour talk-time and month long stand-by. The brand retained 3310’s original aesthetic but updated the casing from plastic to polycarbonated.

    Fans who loved to dress up their cases in the first 3310, however, will be currently limited to non-interchangeable cases with choices of colors of Warm Red and Yellow, both with a gloss finish, and Dark Blue and Grey both with a matte finish.

    The screen also gets an upgrade as it is now in 2.4-inch colored format. The method of input, meanwhile, remains the same as it still boasts of the classic keys and with the screen deviating from the current touch screens generation.

    An added feature from the old version is the inclusion of a 2-megapixel rear camera.

    Finally, the original mobile gaming hit Snake comes back with the relaunch of the classic phone.

    The Nokia 3310 will be available at a retail price of P 2,490 this June.

    With the dominance of smart phones with their mind-blowing features in the market, one question remains—what role will the 3310 specifically play in the lives of today’s tech-savvy generation?

    “Aside from bringing nostalgia to our very first phones, we see the Nokia 3310 as a perfect secondary phone for Filipinos. We know how Filipinos love to connect and how attached they are with their phones—the same reason why most of them have secondary phones aside from the main mobile phones they use,” Mead stated.

    “More importantly, we see the Nokia 3310 as useful phone for people who want to disconnect from their social media habits [the phone does not have Internet of Wi-Fi connectivity feature]but want to remain connected [through texts and calls],” Mead finally noted.


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