Pernicious farming alarms officials


TUGUEGARAO CITY: Amid the onset of the rainy season, the Department of Agriculture (DA) in Region 2 has expressed alarm over unrestrained destructive farm practices by upland farmers causing landslides, soil erosion and silt buildup in the rivers.

The DA said these destructive farm practices in upland farming include slashing or burning of the forest, intensive tillage or cultivation of slope areas, burning of stubbles, indiscriminate use of pesticides, and over application of synthetic fertilizers.

“These practices contribute greatly to soil degradation which affects not only the upland but also those in the lowland as it causes soil erosion which eventually causes siltation in the rivers,” said Orlando Lorenzana, DA Technical Director for Region 2.

Lorenzana said the destruction of the Region’s upland soils causes severe flood during rainy seasons and it also causes denudation of forestlands.

He said that, the DA is conducting massive advocacies for upland farmers to stop this practice of destructive farming especially in the upland areas to mitigate soil degradation and climate change.

“We need to continually educate our upland farmers to shift from this destructive mode of farming and for them to refrain from such practices,” Lorenzana said.

He said that, the farmers should refrain from burning the mountain slopes and stubbles, and to practice organic fertilizers which is an alternative to excessive use of commercialized farm inputs.

“The most critical practice now is the use of insecticides, herbicides and fungicides as they contribute to soil fertility depletion and cause environment contamination,” Loren-zana said.


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