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    We all have dreams of owning our own place that we can claim as ours by decorating the space with pieces, colors and accents that match our personality. But in reality, not all of us can enjoy extra elbow room in our homes and adding ornaments to nooks and crannies can make the room more cramped. Thankfully, there are decorating ideas that are practical in storage but also match the homeowner’s preference.

    White is the perfect background to play off colors

    1. Play around with colors

    Bright and simple, white complements other colors in the spectrum. Using combinations of fresh palettes—with the help of natural light, can make the room feel spacious. But you don’t have to limit yourself to one color scheme. You can experiment with vibrant, pastel and even nude colors to see what strikes your fancy.

    Scared to commit to a paint job? Test the waters with fabric

    2. Pattern it out

    If you can’t decorate your room with furniture, take to the walls. Paint them in any color scheme you want or apply wallpaper that bears a pattern that reflects your personal taste. It can be butterflies, flowers, clouds, etc. The possibilities are endless. You can even recycle newspapers and magazines and turn your wall into your own collage.

    3. Hang them all!

    Frankly, floors and even storage spaces can’t handle the amount of memorabilia we bring home every year. But there’s always a solution to every problem. Frame posters or other prints that make a statement then hang them on your walls to give a personalized as well as a strong impression of your space.

    4. It’s all in the furniture

    Walls and floors aren’t the only factors that can be decorated inside a room. Furniture with design is both useful and also eye-catching. Painted tables, chairs and even a bed with a canopy can add sophistication or a pop of color to any small space.

    5. Fabrics

    Want to make a statement?Hang it!

    Many people are afraid of committing to a single thing for the rest of their lives—or for a certain amount of time.

    But worry not, if you fear sticking to a single pattern or design for your home, then take out your creativity on fabrics. You can change them every month to any design you prefer.

    Four walls and corners do not limit a person’s creativity in creating a space you can truly call your own. So once you get the key to the house of your dreams, big or small, you can make it work with a touch of your personality.


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