• Peter Lim won’t take drug test – NBI


    Cebu-based millionaire businessman who was tagged by President Rodrigo Duterte as a drug lord has declined to undergo drug test, the National Bureau of Investigation said Tuesday.

    Ferdinand Lavin, spokesman of the National Bureau of Investigation, said the bureau asked Lim to undergo a drug test but his lawyer, Ramon Esquerra, sent word that his client declined the request.

    “His lawyer told us that his client has deferred our request,” Lavin said.

    The NBI official could not clarify if “deferred” meant the request was totally disregarded.
    “It was deferred, deferred,” he insisted.

    Lavin said the team of Joel Tovera, head of the Bureau’s Anti-Illegal Drugs Division, is investigating Lim, including his wide business enclave in Cebu.

    Upon advise of President Duterte, the suspected drug lord turned himself in to the NBI last week, insisting on his innocence.

    Esguerra said his client wants to clear his name, especially since no less than the President has linked him to drug syndicates.

    According to NBI records, there are more than 50 Peter Lims.

    Asked if the Peter Lim who went to the NBI was the drug lord mentioned by the President, Tovera said it is still under investigation.

    Tovera said the National Anti-Drug Task Force is evaluating all information, including the identity of the “drug lord Peter Lim.”


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