Petilla should embrace a bolder vision and bigger goals


(By Yen Makabenta, Opinion, December 28, 2013)
Nakailang presscon ba si Mar Roxas ngayong 2013 para magpapansin? Hindi ko mabilang sa dami.
mekchoir Webb,

Sus Mar Roxas,hindi ka magiging presidente sa 2016.Ang taas ng pangarap mo

Any psychiatrist/psychologist or brain doctors know that any person who stay in his special world of his own does not know the word “SORRY” nor accept any fault. That’s normal to any abnormal person.

I was beginning to warm up to this Petilla guy…and then his statements pro and favoring Meralco… Corrupt and stupid din pala….just like his LP partymates…My God, how much more of these inept and unqualified people must we bear… Walang kwenta talaga si Pnoy…now I believe those earlier psychological reports.

How I wish we are better people in keeping our promises and keep our humanity.Unlike the Japanese who readily resign and asking forgiveness for their shortcomings,with some even ending their lives altogether.But this is reality in our country where liars and thieves are the mainstays in our govt so there is no hope.


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