Petron launches new High Temperature Protection products


Fast Times Editor Ben Kritz shows some of his fellow motoring scribes how to find the apex of a corner during the karting event. Photos Petron

Petron, the Philippines’ largest refining company, has introduced a new line of High Temperature Protection (HTP) products ideally suited for high-performance vehicles in our tropical climate.

The first three products rolled out in Petron’s High Temperature Protection (HTP) line include Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) Premium HTP, Brake Fluid HTP DOT 4, and Grease HTP Lithium Complex.

The new products were introduced to the press and motoring industry at an event February 2 at City Kart Racing in Circuit Makati.

Noted auto enthusiast James Deakin and Petron’s new ambassador Janine Gutierrez joined Petron’s AVP for Greases and Lubes Billy Centeno to introduce the new products.

The key benefit of the new HTP formulations is their superior performance in extreme heat conditions, Centeno explained. For example, the HTP lithium grease – a lubricant used for a variety of applications from bearings to seat hinges – has a melting point of 260° C, versus about 190° C for a conventional formulation.

Likewise, the HTP DOT 4 brake fluid has a significantly higher boiling point than DOT 3 brake fluid typically available in the Philippines, a reassuring characteristic if one is driving in heavy stop-and-go traffic, or in mountainous areas.

Boiling brake fluid can lead to a loss of brake response, and in extreme conditions could even cause a brake lock-up or stuck pedal. Likewise, overheated automatic transmission fluid can cause shifting problems, and even severe damage to internal transmission parts through insufficient lubrication.

After the product launch, the media and other guests enthusiastically demonstrated their racing skills – some more than others – on City Kart Racing’s tight, deceptively challenging track.



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