• Petron offers Limited Dawn of Justice collectibles


    Petron is offering their customers a chance to collect limited-edition Dawn of Justice figures specially commissioned by the company.

    To avail of the promo, all customers have to do is fuel up with any Petron Euro-4 gasoline or diesel fuel with Tri-Activ benefits. Every P500 single or accumulated purchase entitles the customer to purchase one Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice gadget collectible for only P200. The promo will run from February 25 to March 31, 2016 at over 420 participating Petron stations nationwide.

    Petron’s full line up of Euro-4 Tri-Activ fuels include Petron Blaze (100 RON) – the first and only premium plus gasoline with an octane rating of 100, – Petron XCS, Petron Xtra Advance, Petron Super Xtra Gasoline, Petron Turbo Diesel and Petron Diesel Max.

    Unlike other fuels that only claim one or two benefits, Petron Euro-4 fuels deliver Tri-Activ performance benefits, namely: better engine protection for longer engine life; better mileage for longer drives; and better power. Thus, in addition to cleaner engine and cleaner emissions, motorists can enjoy more savings on maintenance and fuel consumption.

    The four collectible figures include:
    • The Batman USB Hub has a coiled USB cable at the bottom compartment to connect to a laptop or PC. Two USB ports at the back can be used to connect peripherals such as a flash drive, keyboard or mouse. (It is not recommended for charging devices);

    • The Armored Batman Lamp lights up when a button is pressed and activates a recording with Batman saying, “Tell me, do you bleed?” To turn off the light, you press the same button as the second spiel plays, “You will.”;

    • The Superman Digital Clock displays the date and time, and is adjustable via the set and mode buttons. This device is ready to use, as it has one set of batteries as part of the package; and

    • The Wonder Woman Multi-Charger has a coiled power plug at the bottom compartment, which you can connect to a laptop/computer. It comes with four different cable chargers for both iOS and Android devices.


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