peugeot-eco-run20131217THE Peugeot Eco Fun Run, held on June 27, August 17 and September 21, yielded results of 26.9 kilometers per liter (kpl), 27kpl and 28.5 kpl, according to the Peugeot importer in the Philippines, Eurobrands Distributor Inc. (EDI).

    The company added that the most recent staging of the event, held November 16, saw participants’ averages closer to each other, indicating a growing proficiency among participants where eco-driving is concerned.

    “We are very glad that our participants have grown more proficient in maximizing their vehicles’ potentials,” said EDI Marketing and Communications Director Dong Magsajo. “From the very start, we had envisioned the Peugeot Eco Fun Run as an opportunity for us at EDI to impart to our customers the best way to enjoy their extremely fuel-efficient Peugeot vehicles. Obviously, the message is getting through.”

    In the last staging of the event, Manolo Nicanor and Christina Neri, on board a Peugeot 3008 1.6 e-HDi micro hybrid, led in the owners division with a 23.8kpl result. Mikko David and Danny Reyes, also driving a 3008, took the guest division with 25.6kpl result.

    During the event’s awarding ceremony, the teams that set the highest fuel mileage for all the runs were given the grand prize—a trip for two to Paris. Topping the owners division were Arcadio Tolentino and Mary Tolentino, who achieved 28.5kpl on board a Peugeot 508 1.6 e-HDi micro hybrid, while leading the guest division were Ronnie Trinidad and Tinni Isaguirre, who also achieved 28.5kpl in a 3008. EDI said both records were set during the September 21 staging of the eco fun run.

    EDI explained the Peugeot Eco Fun Run has two separate divisions; an owners division where participants are taught how to get the best from their vehicles’ e-HDi micro hybrid engines, and a guests division where journalists or EDI business partners could join.

    In the Peugeot Eco Fun Run, participants are disallowed from turning off the air-conditioning and from driving below the prescribed speed limit, according to EDI.

    “We’re using the Peugeot Eco Fun Run to prove that our vehicles are extremely miserly even in regular driving conditions,” explained Magsajo.


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