Peugeot introduces all-new i-Cockpit interior


peugeot20160524Peugeot unveiled in April the next generation of its i-Cockpit interior, which it has been using in its models since 2012.

The company said in a statement the features of the i-Cockpit design, which are the compact steering wheel, the heads-up display and the touchscreen infotainment system, have been updated for better driver comfort and safety. The steering wheel has been made more compact for a better view of the instruments and for more legroom.

Meanwhile, the heads-up display is now a 12.3-inch, high-resolution screen with futuristic graphics that keep vital driving information within the driver’s field of vision. The company said the screen is fully customizable and now features animations and transitions. Finally, the touchscreen infotainment system is now a tablet-style unit perched on the center console, which is augmented by chromed toggle switches and an all-new gear lever.

The new i-Cockpit features:
• 3D GPS navigation, connected to voice recognition, with real-time traffic information from Tom Tom Traffic. The navigation and direction indications can be transferred from the center display to the heads-up screen.

• A hands-free device with voice commands that can automatically manage text messages (reading, sending).

• Information on a number of available driving aids.

• A Mirror Screen function through Apple CarPlayTM, Mirrorlink and Android Auto technologies.

Peugeot said the new design likewise engages all of the driver’s senses. Sight is catered to by changing the interior lighting and atmosphere, while musical atmospheric settings appeal to sound. Meanwhile, massaging seats and the new buttons engage the driver’s sense of touch. Finally, a fragrance diffuser offers two fully customizable atmospheres: Boost for dynamic driving; and Relax for a calmer driving experience.


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