• Peugeot introduces the 2008


    Peugeot20150804A sophisticated urban mini-crossover
    A new breed of car buyers is emerging in the urban world – those who are eager to be always on the move and crave for products that reflect their personality.

    To satisfy the craving for such products, Peugeot incorporated the DNA of the crossover into a new concept. The result is a vehicle that combines an accomplished driving experience with a stylish design mindful of practical advantages – the perfect collaboration between engineer and designer. Thus was born the Peugeot 2008.

    The new Peugeot 2008 offers a rich and varied experience in the B-class car segement. At just 4.16 meters long, the 2008 uniquely combines the driving characteristics of a hatchback with the strength of a mini SUV.

    The new Peugeot 2008 reinvents the standards of large-volume vehicles in the compact car segment. Innovative from first glance, it successfully merges the two worlds. The strong stylistic trend affirms its identity for practicality, volume and a truly comfortable driving experience.

    The 2008 provide first-rate driving convenience in both city and highway conditions with its extended mobility features. Stimulating and versatile, the new Peugeot 2008 addresses the needs of the demanding city dweller.

    With its higher driving position, the new Peugeot 2008 has pronounced wheel arches that give it an appealing road presence and stance. The black bumpers and body sills serve to protect it from abrasions with the addition of front and rear body protection and side moldings in stainless steel.

    The car’s fascia adopts the latest Peugeot style codes, with panel fit features that work seamlessly and precisely. Finely sculpted, the bonnet lines infer both lightness and strength, while the floating grille face – a current signature feature in Peugeot’s latest line of vehicles – harnesses aerodynamic performance and efficiency. The innovative headlamps are both sharp and precise – acting in perfect congruence with the car’s bodywork to give an outline of a cat’s pupils. This look is emphasized further by LED daytime running lamps.

    The new urban crossover has elegant and sophisticated sculpted wings and sides, indicating clear athletic qualities. The generous glazed surfaces, which feature an LED track that adorns the panoramic glass roof, promise a spacious interior open to its surroundings.

    The 2008’s rear also combines strength with dynamism. The boot volume, with a low loading sill, has above it a roofline with dynamic curves, inspired by the RCZ. The wide tailgate is framed by lamps secured to the bodywork. Floating inside their housing, the three luminous claws highlighted in the tail lamps are lit at the base by LEDs that appear suspended.

    Inside, the dynamic and elegant movement continues as Peugeot’s innovative driver’s seat concept – the i-Cockpit – that asserts itself confidently to give the 2008’s driver a commanding view of the road. Comprised of a compact steering wheel for an intense dynamic feel, head-up dials for easy reading of information without taking the eyes off the road, an impressive high central console and a huge touch screen entertainment interface for intuitive driving, the i-Cockpit is a feature unique to Peugeot that has been saluted by the public, the press and customers.

    The 2008’s panoramic “Cielo” roof, adorned by mood-enducing LED running lights, also add a flavor of sophistication as well as an air of space inside the vehicle. Add to the entire experience the body hugging leather seats and you have arguably the most comfortable, classy and safe interiors in any B-segment offering available today.

    The new Peugeot 2008 urban mini-crossover rounds out the package with a 1.6-liter petrol engine that delivers 120 horsepower while providing the best emissions in its class. This latest generation petrol power plant draws from the very essence of the lightness and proficiency to offer an exceptional driving experience that is both Earth friendly and fuel-efficient.

    The new Peugeot 2008 urban mini-crossover is available in Peugeot dealerships nationwide at an introductory price of P1.390 million.


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