Peugeot’s new 308 gets 2014 Car of the Year nod in Europe


peugeot20140422THE new Peugeot 308 at the recent Geneva Motor Show was named 2014 Car of the Year. The car was awarded by a jury of journalists representing 22 European countries.

Eligible for the award were 30 new models from American, Korean, European and Japanese manufacturers that were sold in Europe during 2013.

The new 308 is the fourth Peugeot model to garner the Car of the Year award, following after the 307 (in 2002), the 405 (in 1988) and the 504 (in 1969). Produced at Sochaux, France, the brand’s historic cradle, the 308 was launched in Europe in the last quarter of 2013.

“With the new Peugeot 308, we were convinced that we had achieved a leap in concept, technology and quality, which would soon allow the car a place on the podium for its category in Europe. The prestigious 2014 Car of the Year award is the best confirmation of this,” Peugeot Chief Executive Officer Maxime Picat said as he received the award from Hakan Matson, president of the jury.

Peugeot said the Car of the Year title “represents the most prestigious recognition for the 308, which embodies the brand’s values of excellence.”

With more than 55,000 orders recorded since its launch, the new 308 is contributing toward Peugeot’s move up-market, according to the company. It added that this is confirmed by customers, 48 percent of whom ordered for the higher trim levels of the car’s range.

Peugeot said the new 308’s range will soon be expanded with the introduction of a second body style—the 308 SW, a spacious wagon. Also, the nine engines available at launch (four gasoline, five diesel) will be joined by the new PureTech three-cylinder, 130hp, turbocharged, 1.2 e-THP gasoline engine, as well as three Blue HDi engines that count in the new 120hp Blue HDi 1.6 liter, whose CO2 emissions of just 82g/km is a record in its segment.



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