PEZA, CCAP join to strengthen globally competitive businesses in PH


PHILIPPINE Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) officials met with their counterparts in the Contact Center Association of the Philippines (CCAP) to exchange updated information for the coming year. and to jumpstart the dialogue between the two partners.

Benedict Hernandez, CCAP president, emphasized the importance of the strong relationship fostered between CCAP and PEZA in the past, and he professed his hope that this will continue to grow in the coming years. “The end outcome is further clarity,” Hernandez said in a statement on Friday. “Operationally, there are always areas of confusion, or concern and challenge.”

The CCAP represents some of the largest job-creators in the country and the majority of them ran PEZA-accredited operations. The benefits PEZA provides are instrumental in maintaining competitiveness of Philippines industries in a globalized economy.

PEZA’s Deputy Director General for Operations Mary Harriet Abordo reiterated the importance PEZA’s importance to the Philippines as an agency established to help businesses. She reassured CCAP that PEZA is confident of their uninterrupted operations under the new administration. Their strong ties with former Philippine President Fidel Ramos, under whom PEZA was founded, is also a strong factor, Abordo added.

Meanwhile, Elmer San Pascual, PEZA’s manager for promotion and public relations, said that by adhering strictly to PEZA guidelines, companies will be able to enjoy the benefits of operating under PEZA instead of their respective local governments.

“When everything is clarified with our companies, they are assured that all of the incentives can be enjoyed by them continuously,” San Pascual said. “That is our hope. When they are able to cut on their costs, they can now put in more money for their expansion which will mean more Filipinos will get opportunities to be employed.”

Hernandez, however, lauded the importance of PEZA working with the private sector. “What has really worked in the past is open collaboration and dialogue with government, particularly in this case, PEZA. My hope is there is a lot of confidence with the partnership that continues to be strong.”


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