• P&G, Vista Land forge marketing agreement


    Consumer firm Proctor and Gamble Philippines (P&G) signed on Wednesday a one-year partnership agreement with developer Vista Land and Lifescapes Inc. to study the country’s high-end market, among others.

    Jojo Geslani, P&G trials brand manager, told reporters in a roundtable after the signing of agreement that the partnership would give them advantages on looking at the high-end market and study its consumer behavior to further improve P&G’s products also for the higher market.

    “[This is] to better understand the high-end segment because they (Vista Land) represent all the segments in high-end housing,” He said.

    Geslani also said that the partnership would enable the consumer firm to offer a basket full of P&G products, called “welcome kits” that would increase value-added for new homeowners of Vista Land.

    “The project is that we will give our core products for new homeowners: Ariel, Joy, Downy, and for beauty is shampoo like Pantene,” Geslani said.

    “This would let premium houses’ owners to use premium products like ours,” he added, saying that the agreement would apply first to Manila and later on to the other Vista Land locations in 38 provinces.

    Aside from welcome kits, Geslani and Vista Land founder and former Sen. Manny Villar said that the agreement will also include discounts and grants, and P&G products that will be readily available to convenience stores inside Vista Residences.

    “Existing homeowners would be extended exclusive offers for them…we will tie it up with homeowner’s association, sending mail to each of the household if they would want to avail of our products,” Geslani said, noting that discounts would come to 250,000 households if they will avail of P&G products.

    Geslani further said that the one-year agreement with Vista Land could be extended, since P&G is looking for future opportunities with Vista Residences such as offering discounts of P&G products to convenience stores inside Vista Land communities.

    Meanwhile, Villar said that his group has rebuilding efforts of Camella Homes in Tacloban that have been left roofless by Super Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) that mainly hit Leyte and Samar.

    “We have to rebuild Camella Tacloban now, as early as possible so that we can inspire others to rebuild immediately. We want more investors to go into Leyte and we want Camella Homes to be an example of quick recovery so we can help immediately,” he said.

    Villar added that the repairs of damaged roof in properties in Tacloban “did not take much cost” as Camella Homes units also Cebu and Ormoc were not affected entirely by the super typhoon.

    He added that though the group has no actual figures yet, half of the repairs to properties were being handled by the developer while the other half is by the homeowners.


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