PGA serves buffet of cars at Clark Speedway

PGA guests took turns in doing hot laps around the Clark International Raceway on board the new Porsche Boxster S

PGA guests took turns in doing hot laps around the Clark International Raceway on board the new Porsche Boxster S

Customers feast on wide selection of Audis and Porsches
Exhibiting ultimate pride with their illustrious product lineup, PGA Cars on November 8, held another “track day” at the Clark International Speedway (CIS) in Pampanga where a flock of their valued clients were given an extremely unique driving experience onboard their new models of Audis and Porsches.

Unlike regular test drives that takes place along the busy roads of the metropolis, PGA Cars brought the different variants of the A3 sedan as well as the A1 hatchback for their patrons to put the cars through its paces around the race track. Aside from the wonderful Audi cars, PGA also brought their high-performance Porsche models including the Macan cross-over vehicle and the Boxter S two-seater sports car.

George, Louis and Stefan Ramirez, brood of racing legend Pocholo Ramirez, prepared a special set of activities for the guests to squeeze out the utmost performance of the cars on the track. The circuit was divided into two parts; one for the gymkhana event and the other for the lapping exercises. Over 60 PGA guests trooped to the CIS to participate in the exclusive driving event. The guests were divided into groups to take turns in the driving exercises. The driving sessions included a slalom, emergency lane-changing maneuver and emergency-braking exercises, followed by guided lapping sessions.

In the gymkhana track, the Audi A1 super-mini hatchback and the Audi A3 sedan were used. The first part of the gymkhana, the Audi A1 is made to quickly accelerate from standstill, and brake abruptly at the end of the 200-meter long course. After braking, the driver shifts the car into reverse and make a U-turn and fit the car is a small box to where it stopped. Now with the car facing back to where it came from, the driver must race the car toward another box on the right side of the track making sure not to topple over the orange cones lining the box. After the maneuver, the driver must again shift into reverse, turn the car to the left at fit the car to another box. Two more maneuvers that involve fitting the A1 into small boxes complete the exercise—demonstrating the A1’s agility and nimbleness, which is perfect for Metro Manila streets.

The other gymkhana exercise makes use of the 1.8-liter turbocharged Audi A3 sedan. The exercise engages the A3 into a 400-meter sprint down the track where it exhibits its acceleration prowess. After the acceleration, the car is then put to an abrupt stop while negotiating a wide U-turn. This exercise proves how the anti-lock braking system of the A3 provides excellent traction even under heavy braking. The car is once again hurtled up to speed and made to weave through chicanes that gets tighter and tighter—showing Audi’s superiority in distributing power to wheels that need it most with its Quattro all-wheel drive system.

Meanwhile, in the other part of the track, a combination of two Porsches and three Audi A3s were used for the guided lapping sessions. Guests took turns in driving the Porsche Boxster S, the Porsche Macan, and the three Audi 3 variants around the two-kilometer track at full speed. With George Ramirez in the lead car, he led the group in how to properly take track by showing them the appropriate braking area, the precise turn-in and correct acceleration point to get the most out of the cars and make the fastest times around the track.

After the driving exercises were all done, the times of all the drivers who participated were tallied with Robert Lilles, a noted architect and car enthusiast, being awarded premium with merchandise from PGA for being the “best driver” of the day. PGA Cars chairman Roberto Coyuito Jr. personally gave the prize to Lilles who was all smiles after the event.

The guests were all grateful for the ride and drive event organized by PGA Cars. “PGA provided us with proper driver training by professionals inside a safe, closed course. The driving exercises made us more confident behind the wheel of the car and got us acquainted with what these cars can really do. In the end, the experience helps decide on what model to buy. Thanks to PGA for this wonderful experience!” exclaimed a guest who requested not to be identified.


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