• PGA Tour will experiment with distance-measuring devices on minor tours


    The issue of whether distance-measuring devices affect the pace of play or simply look out of place at professional golf tournaments will be studied at 12 tournaments on three tours this spring and summer, including four consecutive events on the Web.com Tour.

    The PGA Tour announced this week that players and caddies will be allowed to use the devices, with the results to be studied by the Player Advisory Council for additional review and discussion.

    “The only way we can accurately assess their impact is to conduct an actual test during official competition,” Andy Pazder, the Tour’s chief tournaments and competitions officer, said in a statement. “Our evaluation will consider the impact of pace of play, optics and any other effects they might have on the competition.”

    Devices can be used only to measure distance. Devices that measure wind speed, slope or elevation will continue to be banned.



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