PGAP and SPGAP: Go and grow!



PGAP (Professional Golfers Association of the Philippines) and SPGAP (Senior Professional Golfers of the Philippines) are two associations, endeavoring to grow their associations and the game of golf for the longest time. Dwindling? Yes… but, why? Is it because of our culture, or is it because we do not trust them, or plainly we don’t support them at all?

The aspirations of PGAP and SPGAP are to professionalize members, contribute and grow the game, and provide opportunities and services at professional levels in our golf industry. They also strive hard to organize tournaments, using their own funds and mostly without sponsors. But I can assure you; they have an inspiring belief in their profession, even without assistance, to grow the game of golf themselves and for our country.

These are fine gentlemen who are and have been engaged with full commitment, to win in professional tournaments, or to coach those who seek to learn the game of golf. They work hard from their hearts because this has been their passion, and not just something to call a job to earn from. They have developed champions and have been recognized worldwide. Golf has become their life’s most precious moments through honesty and integrity.

Golf, as we all know, is an expensive sport. You definitely need time and money to commit to this game. Individuals or entities that are able to afford will normally spend on equipment, apparel, professional fees, good food, driving range and golf course fees, and membership fees, to those who seek exclusivity at different echelons.

Will you be willing then to give some support to PGAP and SPGAP for their tournaments and coaching projects? Hopefully, a big YES… These two associations will eternally give you something in return.

Survival of the fittest: This is one of the most commonly used phrase not only in Philippine golf tour and coaching, but also, throughout the world in different environments and industries. Since there is only one major sponsor supporting the Philippine golf tour, which is International Container Terminal Services, Inc., headed by Mr. Enrique K. Razon, Jr., our tour professional players have become hungry for local tournaments.

So, just like the OFWs, our competent tour players would seek to play elsewhere, like into other parts of Asia and the U.S.A., and we in turn lose them temporarily. We do not want this. We need our professional tour players to play locally by obtaining healthy sponsorships. We need them desperately to enhance the growth of our very own golf industry. Inspiration is the greatest motivator.

Moreover, as an observation, about 90 percent of golfers, whether the old and the new, are not seeking the advise of a coaching professional. So, what makes you stop from hiring one, is it the money, or is questioning the assurance of learning and improving from and with a coach?

When you hire an instructor or a coach, you will not only learn appropriately but you will also be supporting our professionals. It is a good practice to trust; besides, I can assure you that these professionals have full confidence in teaching the fundamentals and skills meticulously.

Golf is most enjoyable when you know what you are doing, and when you are confident. It makes golf fun! To those intending to give their support soon, thank you! Together, we can start boosting the morale of our golf professional members, and relentlessly build a professional and ideal golf environment. You may contact me for more information.


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